Integrity of SFOS?

You can uninstall Android support (and of course you can choose to never install it in the first place):

 # remove the package
 devel-su pkcon remove aliendalvik
 # disable the repo if you want
 ssu dr aliendalvik

You can also do the first part from the Store application from “My Applications”

You can not uninstall “all Android stuff” because parts of SFOS basically function as a wrapper around a base Android install so there is always a core Android environment running…


@nephros: Now I did so and it worked fine. Now, on trying to start the Android support in the settings, the phone does nothing. (good so)

The first command did echo some system messages, the second command only taked a half of a second, then prompt appeared again.

Thanks very much!

So many questions arouse from above …

Why not using apps from the android app support which comes from the jolla store? (btw your link points to nothing, you might wanted to give this link

Do you have any references about the stripping of the core data? What makes you think, these machines wont work on SFOS phones?

Again I would appreciate a reference to it.

Do you have any working example of this being done?

Highly interesting. Any reference about it?

Well, why not using RAM obfuscation etc. to avoid this case?

How to know if the found differences are acceptable or not?
3rd video

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“(2020) According to Forbes, the hacker who carried out the theft actually stole information of 39 million users and has published information of 20 million users on a Dark Web forum.”

“(2016) Malware-found-in-3rd-party-app-stores. Aptoide has informed us that the malicious apps hosted on their store have been removed…”

Ok, but :

Apotoide said that the breach did not impact 97% of its users as they never signed up to use its services

Where do you download the Aurora store from? In F-Droid it is marked as incompatible, and is maintained by a single guy (not a team). The same mark incompatible also for

Aptoide has something to do with trust. They didn’t deserve this in the past. My opinion.

I don’t have Aurora, sorry. What kind of device do you have?

For me Aurora Store in F-Droid is marked as “unwanted characteristics” because it advertises proprietary services - surprise.
But I can install and use it anyway.

I’m definitely not an expert but I’d guess they have to be programmed to deal with each specific model. (Minimal) security by obscurity.

I looked but couldn’t find the article. I just remember it was about five years ago. Whatever the hole was, it has probably been patched.

Apologies for bumping an old topic. It took rather a while, but eventually I got around to summarising the paper for the community news, in case it’s still of interest to you.

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