Info for users interested in trying out ports

I recently wanted to provide someone (unfamiliar with SFOS) details about what ports are available. I found the info on the web to be fragmented and hard to negotiate, so I’m thinking it might be useful to collect some of the material together, aimed at end-users who want to know whether their device is supported, what device to buy, etc.

The crew at #sailfishos-porters suggested the following as good places to start for info about current ports:

  1. mer wiki
  2. GitLab ports CI
  3. OBS and search for device codename.
  4. Github and search for droid-config-<device codename> .

Are there other good sources of info?

I’ve also submitted a topic on this for discussion at the next community meeting.


None of these suggestions get’s us anywhere. Is anyone maintaining the mer wiki? If so who?

I’d help, but, frankly, think we need to either get this into a wiki page here or with the rest of sailfish’s docs.

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See Community meeting on IRC 30th September 2021 - #11 by flypig

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Ah! Thanks. I’m actually going to be there, for once. Sigh.

Side note / hint

In 2016 / 2017 someone tried to achieve the same: To list well working (i.e., most built-in peripherials supported) and well maintained community ports of SailfishOS at the mer wiki. It was called Adaptions/libybris_reboot.

This might be a good place to condense the information you collect into a concise list, because that was its aim (in contrast to Adaptions/libybris, which is supposed to also show historic and badly supported devices).
I.e. basically, to update / revive Adaptions/libybris_reboot. But all community ports shall also be listed at the big Adaptions/libybris list, but that is just a matter of Copy & Paste between the two tables.


Yes, sorry @poetaster for not explaining properly, and thanks @rinigus for clarifying. My aim is to either try to update one of the existing pages, or to create a new place to start from, possibly a wiki page here on the forum.

@olf, that list is really helpful too, thank you. Even with this summarised format, I feel I’d struggle to update it with info I could gather from elsewhere. I’d need to manually test each port to update the details. So I’m inclined to think we could do with a list that’s even easier to maintain (with links to any more detailed info that’s out there).

But obviously this is like the classic xkcd standards paradox. That’s why I thought it was probably worth a bit of discussion, and collecting together what’s already out there.

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Definately a good idea.
When I wanted try out the vollaphone port I was completely lost.
No idea where too look

Is dead? Doesn’t load for me

It’s been like this for at least several months now. Dead everytime I tried to reach it.

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Shame it got abandoned, there’s a cached version from Oct 2022 if someone also is looking for it: (or if Jolla is interested in hosting it as it seems to be a good resource for potential new sailors)

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Also see Community Hardware Adaptations