Impossible to record audio via external microphone on my Xperia model

No, sorry… no idea how the heuristics work there, I would have thought it was the same across the OS. And i do have to admit i did the most recent tests with the recorder, since it is just so much easier to see what works there. I can only recommend you diff the output of pacmd info between the handsfree you had working and the mic after changing inputs and see if something sticks out. Hopefully someone that knows why those apps behave differently will add some wisdom…

Thank you. I think it may not be possible to get any further, unless someday, as I said above, Jolla can do something about it.

Well, that’s another possibility. So here is the open thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Last week I upgraded to SFOS 4.1. But two months ago I sold my lavaliere microphone. So at the moment I can’t test to see if the limitations discussed in this thread have been fully or partially solved by this new update.
Has anyone successfully tested any external microphone during video recording in SFOS 4.1?

I use SFOS 4.1 / 4.2 on an XPeria XA2. External microphone and speaker through USB-C works well. I use:

  • ATR2500X-USB streaming microphone; brings an awesome sound quality for video/podcast recordings on the XA2. It also works for playback (the microphone body has a 3.5 mm jack where one can connect external headphones).
  • Terratec Aureon Dual USB, an older sound card dongle, connects to USB-A (I used an USB-C adapter) and includes two jacks for mic and speaker.

It works great on the XA2 for video recording or playback, however it seems to be inactive during phone conversation.