Import contacts from file should be in people app too

I think a normal user expects “import contact from file” in the people app and not in system settings (as entry point).


The thinking in the design has probably been that contacts are imported rarely. That’s why such an infrequent operation should not be in the app UI itself, taking the limited screen space, but can be placed in Settings > Apps.


People app has 3 items in pull down menu where “import” could be added (SFOS 3), calendar 4, notes in editing mode 4 items.

That is true, but just because it can be done, that doesn’t mean it should be done. Other applications also have their infrequently used settings stowed away inside Settings. You’d be making the People application inconsistent with other applications, and I think that would cause more confusion than it would solve.

Really, I don’t think many people import contacts more than once. They move their contacts from their old phone to their new phone, and that’s it.

However, something that would be nice (if it isn’t already the case) is that on a fresh install, if the user hasn’t added or imported any contacts yet and opens the People application, there should a link to the contact import page in Settings. @jovirkku, what would you think about that?

It is already the case :slight_smile:

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On a fresh install i did indeed see the “import” feature when I opened the Contacts app just to set the permissions.
I cancelled it - of course - because I didn’t have the contacts to hand, and expected to solve migration this by using the backup/restore feature (oops).

Having cancelled it, it no longer appears. And while the OP refers to something in the System Settings for importing Contacts I can’t find it.

Where is this Contact import facility hiding?

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In Settings, “Apps” tab, select “Contacts”


Smashing, thank you.

My previous phone is “Other”, a.k.a. an Xperia XA2 Plus running, so i guess i need to import from vCard files.

How do i get my Contacts off the old phone in vCard format?

Is there some arcane command?
Or is the backup file created by the backup/restore process really a .zip file, and I can find all my Contact vCard records inside that?

It’s a bit strange that, if you start the import wizard, you’re taken to the contacts application and if you exit the wizard the contacts app is the active application. This implies that the wizard is part of the contacts app, but not reachable from within the app.

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I don’t know about backup file. But maybe this can help you out:

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I got my X10 III a few days ago and transferring contacts was as simple as selecting all contacts in People app on the old XA2 Ultra, then selecting the Share / via Bluetooth item from the menu, and simply receiving them on the X10 III which nicely asked me if I want to import them to the People app. It took literally a few seconds.

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thank you, had no idea that was an option. Would have been handy since the 10 iii doesn’t want to MTP to my Win10 desktop (see below).

achieved it in the end by extracting the Contacts vCard from the Backup on the old XA2 Plus, copying it into the 10 iii documents folder, and then using the Contact import function.

That’s a good way to move contacts between phones.

Consider not everyone has access to the old phone. My Xperia 10 was kind of broken, so I had to work with the backup file in Dropbox. And I also wanted to restore com history and notes, and that doesn’t work between devices.