Idea: Development log for better communication

Since Jolla is working to improve communication with the community as a whole (see at the end of this wonderful post):
Wouldn’t some sort of a development log be the thing to do? Think of it as way to give heads up to issues like having to use ugly buttons instead of pulleys in the recent mail app. That particular problem was very excellently accounted for by @jpetrell - only, in a different topic:

Wouldn’t this ‘unpleasant surprise’ in 3.4 have been only half as much an issue if it were announced beforehand? Since everybody could then have acknowledged it as a unfortunate but temporary regression in the (oh so longed for!) process of updating the browser?

And it might help prevent mix-ups like the OBS-controversy that started by mentioning its shutdown almost only as an aside.

I think it’d be worth a try.


I’m proposing some kind of bi-weekly / monthly community blog posts in the next community meeting. While those are mainly intended for the community to show off, what they are working on, it would certainly be awesome, if Jolla would also use that opportunity to give small updates. Basically it is intended to increase communication and visibility of what is happening in the Sailfish world.


Something else about good communication :slight_smile:
There’s a number of Jolla employees active on the forums. But there’s no overview about the responsibilities. What I mean is not their role at Jolla but rather :
Whom might I ping if I got a question / problem with discourse itself?
Who tracks the discussion that happens in the design section and to whom of the Sailors can one refer regarding the status of reported bugs?

I know it’s difficult to have an official list of contact
persons like this. Since there’s the danger the community interprets it as a service guarantee and pings the employees at any trifle.
But my proposal would be to just try. It would help a lot to have some sort of responsibility list amd the community is definitely capable of dealing with it in a sensible way.


Highly appreciate that try.

@Jolla: Take a look at this topic

and let us know whom to contact to get an official confirmation / correction, please.

Jolla talked only about Jolla phone support. They did not respond when I asked about the tablet. From my point of view Jolla phone (1) and tablet fail similarly in my case. That’s why I asked for both. But also similarly, when using SF 3.2 both of them work.
This is Jolla (in Finnish, zendesk):
“Tämän enempään emme pysty. Jolla Puhelimen tukihan on nyt lopetettu.”

Something is happening with regard to ‘keeping the community updated’:

Checkout the community news tag


This discussion is related to the idea, so cross referencing: Library changes upstream