Howto use chum in SFOS

i have installed chum
but i cannot see any application in any of the Categories
what am i doing wrong or is it normal?

In the settings, set Version

it does look like working does also work meanwhile.

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It is a price to pay for using EA release. At OBS, we tend to get SFOS releases after they are rolled out as full release, not EA. So, if you do use EA, be ready to adjust it in Chum settings.


some of the acronym you use look like chinese to me
what are EA and OBS?

OBS = Open Build Server
EA = Early Access

But if you are asking those questions, maybe you should not have enabled EA.


And, by the way this is Chinese: 中国

The text you are reading are standard Latin characters which have been around for the last 1000++ years.


I think @jeanpierrraubry never mentioned he used early access. Personally I find your attitude towards legitimate questions quiet arrogant. If you don’t like to answer, just don’t.

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It may be arrogant, it may be offending, but he gets his answers.

Hopefully @jeanpierrraubry even gets better than me as I have never enabled EA or installed chum.

Ok, I see, it was in a different thread. I apologize as I just did not see a reason for the tone of your answer.

Yes, it was my assumption based on the fact that we are receiving similar question regarding Chum when EA has been just released.

@jeanpierrraubry, would you mind to tell which SFOS version are you using? If it is not EA, it maybe some strange bug in our software

i use
but i do not think it is an Early Access version
now every thing is going OK i did not know i had to fill a line to override the automatic repository selection
i used Sotreman before that did not need that
every thing is OK now
maybe i was carried away by my french mother language in which for a bit less than 1000 years “looking like chinese” means being not understandable
my first thought was
OBS=Obligeant Better Service
EA=Ever Attractive

@jeanpierrraubry: to my understanding, it is currently EA. At least [Release notes] Vanha Rauma 4.4.0 doesn’t mention any general release. At OBS, it is still absent.

As I don’t have any official device, I have no idea how such release is pushed to users. I am assuming that you have to subscribe for them somehow before general release.

Anyway, I hope 4.4.0 will be soon released for all and, in few days after that , will be made available at OBS.

As I don’t have any official device, I have no idea how such release is pushed to users. I am assuming that you have to subscribe for them somehow before general release.

  1. bug report : the quoting mechanism of this forum seems to be broken at the moment. The above paragraph i wanted to quote but it was only copied into the clipboard. edit: this is on the X10 phone, quoting on the computer works.

  2. one has to activate EA on the Jolla account homepage to get EA releases. Only activating Developer mode at the phone is not enough.

  3. on my other phone, that has EA not enabled on the Jolla account homepage, the 4.4 release is still not available, in other words, the consumer release of 4.4 is not yet ready. Please be patient or enable EA on Jolla account if you want to have it now.

edit: have now also a Volla phone since yesterday :slight_smile: and am very curious what the coming update will bring there.

Jean Paul said: ‘like Chinese’, that doesn’t mean literally Chinese. He could also have said ‘like Hebrew’ or ‘like Arabian’ with the same meaning because those languages have another alphabet than Latin. The actual meaning of such a saying is simply: this is strange to me.
It would be best to explain abbreviations kindly, so everyone here can feel free to ask questions.


Answers are not pieces of food you throw to an animal: ‘here you get it’.
We have had quite a long discussion about behaviour on this forum.


In Dutch we have the same saying. Means simply ‘not understandable to me’.

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I found this reddit post. The usage of idioms in Europe :slight_smile: