HOW TO: using Yandex as Mozilla location service replacement

Please be aware that I posted the wrong link when I wrote the OT, I changed it after 5 minutes. The wrong link went to the prediction api key, not the location. The api key for location does NOT start with pdct…
From my point of view, installing anything mls (moz.loc.service) afterwards should not be done as yandex replaces this but letzs the device think it is mozillas location service.
For future SFOS releases there would be other options, one of all those cell-tower and wifi geolocating websites.

There is no predictability, really. Changing to device only, this time gave me a fix after 30 seconds. At other times I can’t get a fix this way at all. Changing the entries in location.conf made no difference for me. The developers still urgently need to do something for the XA2 in this regard.

Update from my side: I tried again without changing anything and all of a sudden it works for me.
I have no idea how yandex identified my device after I changed the api key and the network connection, but obviously they could.
Now is 12h after last night when I tried it for the first time, with the wrong api key. Obviously my device was blocked until now. Whatever.
For the future i would love to see a local implementation like on microg, with self generated local databases…

I guess I got the wrong link from here:

After the service worked for me I’m suddenly back to the “blocked for 12h due to wrong key” issue. I haven’t changed my config and the yandex site says the key was still valid.
I’m giving up. Yandex is crap, probably worse than google.

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you can killa the process (killall geoclue-yandex )and then restart debugging.
For me, the yandex service occasionally works until I run in the blocked for 12h error again. Maybe the geoclue-yandex plugin ia a bit buggy and causes the api key failure.
However, even when working most of the discovered cells in the neighbourhood are ignored (ignoring neighbouring cell with no cell id), thus the service ia very inaccurate. Seems like the yandex service (or the plugin) is just not made for the German (or European) market.
Is there still anyone else experimenting with the the yandex service here? This thread has become quite monolithic :slight_smile:

Maybe, if you are heavily using the Yandex service, Yandex will block the requests.
However, Mozilla Location Service provider can still be used if you add the offline data as I explained here:

I haven’t test the Yandex plugin and see if the data Yandex provides is more granular than the data Mozilla provides. However, looks like Mozilla has poor data for some of the areas (e.g. Russia, Africa, South America):

I hope this helps.


Thank you very much! That instantly worked! Great!!

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What can I use for website to get the key? You say you used your dynamic DNS address - is that different than ip? Where is it?

update - I got a key using ip. Seems to be working now, but not too accurate so far, (first fix put me in the White House), using battery-saving mode… Will keep testing…

So still the same for me. Perpetually fixed at the white house in Washington D.C. (I’m actually hundreds of miles from there.).
Here’s logs:

This is with gps unchecked. Fix is good with gps checked, but I don’t think I need Moz/Yandex for that…

Edit - I watched the logs more, and it’s the “…12-hr old key” issue…