How to exit Fastboot mode

I just connected my Xperia X Compact to the pc in Fastboot mode (powered off, then VolUp + Insert USB cable) to follow a guide… the led is blue, but with telnet I can’t open anything, maybe because the usb port on PC is usb3.0.
I’d like to exit fastboot now, how to? Is it safe to detach the cable and restart?

Yes :slight_smile:

That’s probably not it… maybe your PC hasn’t recognized the USB as a network adapter.

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Did you load the recovery image before trying to telnet?

And yes, should be safe to just detach and reboot (maybe possibly have the need to Vol-Up + Power 3s ‘hard’ reboot).

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No, I didn’t load any image, so I guess it was that lol.
Thank you, detaching the cable exited Fastboot and I could reboot normally. I was just worried it was unsafe.

You can also reboot the device from your PC while it’s still connected with the ‘fastboot reboot’ command. That’s a bit nicer than holding down multiple buttons etc.

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