Help building Native standalone LÖVE games

cool, good to know this works, I will use it as a template for any future mobile repositories.

Ok, got ya.

I’m just cleaning up the rest (duplicate names in desktop) and it should be testable in a couple of minutes.

Hi, I’ve been uploading some löve ports recently to openrepos and I would like to receive some feedback which would allow me to make improvements.
Some of the submitted games have not touch controls completely implemented, this is due to complexity and lack of time but I still though they are worth submitting so that people could eventually contribute if interested or at least play with a keyboard (I know it’s not the best way but at least you can play the games on your mobile which was not possible before I ported them).

Feel free to give me feedback even if it is negative, is there any of the Apps I submitted not good enough or too early to submit in your opinion? All of them are available on releases in my codeberg repository so I don’t mind removing any if you don’t think they pass quality filters.

Feel free also to submit technical questions or request but I suggest to use codeberg instead so that they can be translated into solutions / fixes.

Thanks for any feedback and I hope you enjoy them!

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I found that many of them (but not all) do not start at all in SFOS < 4.5.

That is (likely) due to a bug combination in SDL and wayland and can AFAICS not be fixed in the love engine.

The message is this:

love: gralloc.c:133: hybris_gralloc_initialize: Assertion `NULL' failed.

This issue has also affected the Qt5.15 effort and is the reason it’s not available on older SFOS versions.

Thread 1 "love" received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0x0000007ff78c6384 in raise () from /lib64/
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x0000007ff78c6384 in raise () from /lib64/
#1  0x0000007ff78abce8 in abort () from /lib64/
#2  0x0000007ff78babd8 in ?? () from /lib64/
#3  0x0000007ff78bac40 in __assert_fail () from /lib64/
#4  0x0000007ff5ae22c8 in hybris_gralloc_initialize () from /usr/lib64/
#5  0x0000007ff5b58518 in waylandws_init_module () from /usr/lib64/libhybris//
#6  0x0000007ff56ed8bc in ws_init () from /usr/lib64/
#7  0x0000007ff56ec31c in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#8  0x0000007ff777be7c in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#9  0x0000007ff77a3c2c in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#10 0x0000007ff7787664 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#11 0x0000007ff7789118 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#12 0x0000007ff7cd4a6c in love::window::sdl::Window::createWindowAndContext(int, int, int, int, unsigned
int, int, bool, int) () from /usr/lib64/
#13 0x0000007ff7cd5a84 in love::window::sdl::Window::setWindow(int, int, love::window::WindowSettings*)
() from /usr/lib64/
#14 0x0000007ff7cd7ee0 in love::window::w_setMode(lua_State*) () from /usr/lib64/
#15 0x0000007ff7a3168c in ?? () from /usr/lib64/

I changed phone and I currently have SFOS 4.5 and I discovered some of them (like boxclip) do not work on 4.5 but do work on old versions and also the opposite. Maybe a list stating which game work on which version would help?
All I can say is that all game starts but not in the same version…
Let me know which one do not start in your phone and will see if there’s anything I can do.

I’ve never experience that error you just posted, could you tell me which game causes it? is it at start or triggered by any specific event? also which SFOS version? I only have 3.4 and 4.5 to test.

As said above, if anyone wants the feedback to be eventually turned into solutions feel free to open issues on the repositories of any game and leave your SFOS Version, errors and events so that I can check and try to figure out how to solve them.

A very small nitpick about the .spec files:

Uninstalling a game leaves its dir in /usr/share/games/love.

Change the spec to ‘own’ the dir and that will not happen. So instead of




Not very important though.

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so if I understand right



should be:


Due to the amount of games I ported and submitted I would test those changes on future releases and leave current releases as they are.

In case you think automating builds for any game would be useful I could add the spec files to the repositories.

I’ve been looking here and there at the games to try to pick which ones to put to chum first, since love is now in chum. But there numerous issues with haptic input handling which have stalled my efforts. For instance, trying the tetris game, I was unable to turn tiles, although I could move them left and right. Am I just missing something?

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which ones have you tried that are only > 4.5 ? I haven’t that much time at the moment, but would try to do some haptics debugging and chum packaging in the next weeks. Perhaps with the ‘best performers’ first?

The only one that gets stucked and crash on start on my 4.5 Sailfish phone is boxclip.

You are completely right, I confirm the same problems, I think pressing the button is rotating the pieces twice which causes to only turn it 180°, but you can indeed turn the tiles, the problem is that buttons are too small and tricky to press, I will fix that in the future.

My touch controls are very far from perfect, but no one has done anything better so far (I mean with thumbstick emulation) and they should be considered a first step towards porting the games to mobiles. I hope I manage to improve them a lot more in the future.

The touch controls used on the games are my first gamepad designs, I’m experimenting with making the buttons with different sizes and space between them and with thresholds and other parameters.

There are no flawless game, I’m improving them but it will take a lot of time to have them flawless (if ever happen).

The games that currently have 5 stars from users are: gravitonik, space engine and culator4 (which is a calculator).

The last one I added called sienna have in my opinion one of the best touch controls already, this is due the fact that they were already there and that they make use of swipe gestures to navigate menus and tap to control the player (you can only jump so no need for thumbstick emulation).

Whatever game you are interested to automate the packaging (since there’s nothing to compile) just let me know and I will add the missing spec files to the repositories.


I’ve made changes to the touch layouts and implemented the changes on gravitonik. I will test the new Touch layouts on gravitonik first since is the first game to have a good rating and depending on the received feedback I would eventually translate those changes to other games. Anyone interested on checking the new touch layout iterations and provide feedback feel free to test last versions of the game.

The changes are made only for landscape mode so make sure you rotate the phone before reviewing it. Thanks!


The layout, design and parameters used on the touch controls of gravitonik are now translated to Mr.Rescue, the design is exclusively made for landscape mode so you have to rotate the phone in order to play those games (orientation is automatically detected).

Two games which play in portrait mode have now a new input layout with new parameters that affects sensitivity for the virtual thumbstick and they should be fully playable now: Block Drop and love tetris.

To save time ( a lot of testing work is needed to test and edit all the parameters and layouts any time I change them) I will use both the portrait and landscapes designs as a template for any future game that requires them and simply slightly modify them to meet any specific needs. So basically any feedback regarding the touch inputs on those games would eventually be used and transferred to other games that need them based on the phone orientation.

Feel free to provide feedback and I hope you find them comfortable.