Harbour-defender blacklisted in SFOS

I’m encountering a problem with the list updating: it’s already trying to update when I launch the app and it never ends. If I try to update manually it doesn’t change anything.
As lists are not up-to-date, the filtering is ineffective .
Does anybody else has the same behaviour ?

Yup, not all list are actually still functional. Some option in defender point to now broken lists.

Currently I am using:

Those three seem to still be correctly maintained on their websites and thus Defender can still successfully usethem to update.

I had to uninstall /install the app and now the list update is working with the sources you suggested.


Some lists are not working anymore and causing infinite update cycle.
Something to be solved (later). If someone has an idea, create a PR.
For now I did not like to mess with that, knowing that

  • hpHosts, Host file
    does not work. Even there were some mirrors for that which could be used.

For me is working:

  • MVPS, Hosts file
  • Yoyos, Hosts file

AFAIK Jolla tries to get away from all the “hardcoded” configuration. Becoming independent of the fixed “admin user” name “nemo” was just one step in this direction, AFAIU.
Hence UID 10000 may not necessarily be an “admin user”, at least after some configuring.
Plus theoretically there may be multiple “admin users”.

What one can supposedly rely on, is that “admin users” are members of the group “sailfish-system” (since SFOS 3.4.0, before that: “system”).
Edit: Or use loginctl to determine who is logged in at the “primary seat”; see Jolla’s udisksctl-user script for details.

P.S.: To take this into account would just add an indirection to the pythonic one-liner, AFAICS.


What one can supposedly rely on, is that “admin users” are members of the group “sailfish-system” (since SFOS 3.4.0, before that: “system”).

I would still vote for a separate /varlib/harbour-defender/ with g+rwx for these groups.

I am afraid the update loop you experienced may be caused by my little to zero systemd knowledge.
So please update harbour-defender from openrepos.
And/or see here for some details.

But still Dr.Yak’s and my answer are true and some lists are not maintained anymore and may also not be reachable.

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