Happycamper app thread

Beside the relative ease of doing maintenance myself, this is one of the reasons I have an automobile that has an electrical bus which looks like it belongs in a tank. I guess I could swap out the 8 track player for something with bluetooth.

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I don’t know why, but I thought Yakov Smirnoff was dead! But no, last month I saw him larger than life: In Branson, USA, Yakov watches you (from a billboard high above the highway)! My wife googled him from the passenger seat, and yes, he’s alive still doing shows, cruises, writing books and teaching college psychology classes Missouri State University. He has a PhD.

But anyway, back to the surveillance infotainment system . . . I really haven’t used Bluetooth audio in my car before, but I installed the Happy Camper app, did the download thingy on a WAITIKI 7 album, switched to player mode and gave it a whirl. Plays nicely with the car system, can skip up and down between tracks, track info shows on the display. Chilling to soothing sounds of “Quiet Village”.

Thanks for the app.

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Took me a bit, but, what a country! Teaching laughing at the Postdoc level. What a country!

Cool to know. That’s all down to @cypherpunks proper implementation of MPRIS.


Ok, so I was driving myself crazy with automagic playlist creation for every album download. I’ve disabled this for the time being until I get to a proper settings page. I have enabled (fixed, rather) saving the current player playlist to a file (~/Music/happycamper-playlist.pls) which I find much better. This is still very WIP, but I’m using it, so … v0.1.5 on openrepos, github and coming to a chum near you.


Just thinking,

Yesterday i had used Jupii by Mkiol, on a tv, it has bandcamp support and it’s working rather well

I asked mkiol for a native bandcamp app, but said that despite being doable he’s not interested in it

Maybe you could have a sneak peek at jupii and have some inspiration for happy camper?

Just saying eh, maybe it’s worth looking…

Hej what is it about jupii, or in jupii I should look at? My aims were limited and I’m not sure what Jupii does (well, screen casting stuff, I guess?).

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Also note that Jupii has a dbus API that allows it to be fed with media resources to play. Perhaps making use of that goes a long way?

I’m just doing ‘stupid’ http requests that land on bandcamp album or track pages. And those can simply be downloaded. I’m just not sure what Jupii does (something with screen casting?).

Right, “casting” over the oldschool, surprisingly prevalent, DLNA protocol. Both audio and video.

Well, jupii is able to send bandcamp to a device, and i assume that search and play are done in jupii and not on the other device, maybe this can also be done locally, and not by casting to the other device?

The app dev said it’s doable but it’s not interested in it, so it was just a suggestion for happy camper

I was not suggesting something elaborate anyway, just a quick play record/song thing :slight_smile:

Ah, ok. I got donnie running (chum) to have a dlna music player, but I don’t use it for other media. I don’t even know if it supports other media !

So if I understand it correctly, Juppi is just for other device use. And it’s only relevant here because it can read http URLs??? I’ve made a note, but it doesn’t sound that useful.

How about a stylized tent for the joke with somekind of smile. I was thinking of your logo or the Amazon logo. So you would communicate happy and the tent as an other word for camp as a result happy camper :slight_smile: )

in reality i was suggesting it cause since jupii can cast to other devices, maybe it can be made to play files locally (as on the same device)