Green LED on Xperia 10 III

For some reason the green LED is lit constantly on my Xperia 10 III most of the time while the screen is off. Any ideas why?

Have you connected it to a charger?

Missed call notification?

Email notification too has a green light, it is also too bright, and should blink

E-mail notification might be it, but it used to be yellow.

Hmmm, has anyone yet seen a blinking light on the 10III?

I tried to toy around in the usual MCE LED config places, but didn’t get it to blink.

unofficial ports to tama devices also have the notification LED not blinking.

A known 10 III bug seems to cause overly green led colours:

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It’s the same on the Xperia 10 ii as long as you have notifications in the queue.

Ah, so we could hack the LED config to just use less green in the RGB hex strings?

cp /etc/mce/20hybris-led.ini /etc/mce/99-hybris-led-less-green.ini
$EDITOR  /etc/mce/99-hybris-led-less-green.ini
# type type type...
systemctl restart mce

When this happens, does the finger-print scanner not work for you either? Is it maybe a kind of deep sleep? Normally I can activate the display without pushing the button, just pressing my finger against the reader. But when the green LED is on I need to actually push the power button first.

That’s this one I guess:

I think that one is different. That one is in case the scanner does work to wake up the device, you still need to scan a second time to unlock. But it seems that when the green LED is on you can’t even wake the device with the fp scanner.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the scanner behaviour, and I now think that it is unrelated to the green LED. Sometimes the scanner will just not work until the button is pressed to wake the phone first. There does not appear to be a pattern to this, it can be unresponsive within a minute of locking the phone, while other times it still wakes just fine from only the scanner hours later. Also it is independent from wether or not the green LED is on or not.

I don’t see any pattern in the green LED yet either. But so far is seems harmless, other than an annoying light in the evening.

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