GPS stopped working

Not all GpsInfo have the bars from what I saw.
The GpsInfo by Direct85 does it (Openrepos)

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The other one is messwerk. Second button (GNSS Satellites) enables this option.

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Thans for the trick.
Not sure to get it tho. Which version shoud (not) be use?

I would not rule out hardware problem. See my post GPS stopped working - #307 by phklrz

I think it’s a combination of hardware problem and software problem.

It’s becoming hard to resist not dismnling it!
EDIT: I mean to fix it ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile Jolla is working on a proper solution for this matter you can give Supl Patcher Tool a try:


Binary only… but why?

Don’t want to be sued by Qualcomm for using NDA’ed or reverse engineered stuff that is.


I don’t see how that would provide any real protection, beyond against the most lazy attempts.
Also; there are loads of other tools in similar positions that seem to be just fine (QCSuper/SCAT/SnoopSnitch comes to mind).

@nekron Is there a reason why you write, that it is only for officially supported Xperia devices? I would try to use it on my Pro1. Or is there really something which speaks against?

As long as it uses a Qualcomm modem and has diag kernel module loaded (/dev/diag must be available) you could give it a try. I’ve only tested it against X, XA2, 10 I and 10 II and had no problems with it on any of these devices.


Thanx for the quick answer. I think it has a Qualcomm modem. But /dev/diag isn’t available.

Then… no luck with this, sorry :pleading_face: The diag driver must be compiled as kernel module and will be exposed as /dev/diag to “diagnose” (and fix) modem stuff.

I’ve read that your Xperia X has also trouble getting a fast fix.

I’m using the same device currently as my main daily driver and simply disabled SUPL TLS (--disable flag), changed the gps.conf and get a fix in << 10s indoors, << 2s outdoors.

SUPL ephemeris data simply resolves a lot of bad GPS design (hardware-wise like XA2 or systematic like GPS in general). No longer a 30s - 5min GPS “warmup” is needed for my daily exercise :wink:

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The Pro1 is my daily driver. The Xperia X belongs to my girlfriend. She will be happy to have a proper working GPS again. Thank you very much for your efforts!


Works for me on my XA2. SUPL had been working on my device for ages but now I can put supl-proxy in the chain and spoof the imsi. No need to tell Google my identity together with my position all the time. :sunglasses:

Interresting, how do you achieve that?

Thanks for your feedback. It’s the reason why I included Let’s Encrypt root certificate to get SUPL proxy working for you (I remember your comment from nearly a year ago when you tried to archive this).

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Bad theory.
@flypig said that they also tested this on several daily used devices at Jolla.
But I still continue to think there is an issue with HW + eventually some SW problems.

Anyway too many stacks are mixed. I think we should focus on GPS only tests, without MLS.
When/if the GPS is solved/understude, we can go a step further to see how MLS works, then SUPL. (not saying @nekron solution is not good or not to use tho. It’s great too!)

I can test it too as my XA2 is sitting around doing nothing. I need gps everyday so I need to use android device.

What should I do then?

You could hack supl-proxy to exchange your IMSI with a random one in requests and revert the change for responses but I’m going to do that with a simple TCP proxy.

SUPL messages are encoded using ASN.1 PER according to this spec, hence strings are not neccessarily byte-aligned. You have to find the bitstring of your TBCD-encoded IMSI in requests and replace it. No need to understand the full protocol. That should be doable with half a page of Python code.