Godot Engine port for SailfishOS

If we want to have the old style behavior then wl_surface_set_buffer_transform is needed at the moment because Sailfish OS compositor is not handling that set_orientation_update_mask, if that would be fixed then allowing only one orientation would achieve the old style behavior. I have been planning on asking SDL developers what they think of that wl_surface_set_buffer_transform and if they would accept adding some new method or hint to their API.

Also the naming in SDL is now a bit inaccurate as the hint is still named QTWAYLAND_CONTENT_ORIENTATION when it’s actually the orientation update mask.

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wl_surface_set_buffer_transform seems to work indeed, although the application itself still seems to be responsible for rendering its graphics in the correct orientation. Nevertheless, that makes it possible to

Now the only roadblock in the way that I’ve seen for porting a SDL application is that the SDL_StartTextInput(void) and other functions related to the keyboard do not seem to be working with SailfishOS.

Was it backport of SDL code? hints are still there and should work, or at least work on android so maybe should work on hybris (the variable is called something_IOS but works on android, so should work on sfos)

in Quake 2 port, i was use an old SDL2 (builtin statically), which is work on previous SaiflishOS version, but on 4.x its broken, but it has all needed patches…

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@sashikknox i plan to use the godot, would you mind updating it? thanks