Geocaching app c:geo stopped working

Hm. I had to start again with a clean install. Now the app of does not work any more: GSF dependency not fulfilled. c:geo just crashes on second start onward.

A brief update for those who don’t follow the c:geo GitHub issue: the problem has been diagnosed (there are two issues, one on the main screen and another in the settings) and a fix is being prepared by c:geo developer rsudev. It’s not trivial because the settings screens have to be reimplemented using a more modern AndroidX framework, so it might take a while.


Checking out that thread, it seems rsudev has been preparing test versions which now work better with the AndroidX interface Sailfish uses. I’d also be interested in trying those out to help rsudev with the work, but I’d need some pointers on how one does this?

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Yes, part of the problem has now been fixed in this PR:

It was merged a few days ago. The changes are included in the nightly builds that you can download here:
They should be in the next release of c:geo, whenever it is released.

This solves the problems with the main screen, including the startup failures. But configuration screens are still freezing. When that happens, you can use a put-to-background-then-abort gesture (swipe from the edge so the app is minimized, but then swipe back to the edge without lifting your finger, so it pops back up). You have to do this many times to set up your account. But when you’ve done that the rest of the app is working fine - I’ve used it to retrieve several caches now.

The settings screen still has to be reimplemented with the more modern AndroidX toolkit to get rid of the freezes. rsudev is working on that I believe.

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