Funding new development with EU grants

And just to add more stress to my post-employment life (!) is opening up the next round for grant proposals next week. That’s restricted to people living in Germany, I believe.


Apologies, I did not have time to comment a lot on this. I am switching jobs and interviewing takes a lot of time, plus travel. Nonetheless, I skimmed through your proposal and it looked very cool. I hope you get funded! Keep us posted.

No worries! Good luck with the job switch! I’m also unemployed at the moment and trying to use the time constructively!

Since another round of NLnet grant was opened (NGI0), i think it would be nice to gather here some ideas that can be funded. Next deadline is August 1st. In addition, I stumped upon a video where NLnet themself want to support Sailfish (36C3 - NGI Zero: A treasure trove of IT innovation - Invidious - 58:50).

At the Sailmates association we started collecting ideas that could be funded: Issues - boards - but would be great if others here have additional ideas.

Since one can apply for multiple grants at the same time (NLnet; Frequently Asked (and/or Anticipated) Questions) there is no need to focus only on one topic.

To make it easier for applying (the Sailmates association being able to apply if you don’t wish to do so as an individual) I recommend answering the following questions, just like those bug reports to Jolla:

  • project name
  • description of the whole project and expected outcomes
  • how would the grant budget be used ? (max budget 50k€)
  • comparison with historical similar efforts
  • technical challenges one might face
  • ecosystem of the project (how to engage with relevant actors and promote outcomes)

I found an example of an application getting to the second round: #4 - NLNet - December 1st 2022 application (UI/UX) - sustainability - that we could inspire ourselfs from.

BTW, maybe @hildon can change the title and remove the “deadlines soon” since it’s a cycle and if projects are not funded this time they might get it next time.


Apologies, but I couldn’t figure out how to edit the title. Is this still possible for an old thread?