Flypig's gecko dev diary

A few thoughts that crossed my mind:

  • Try to extract the texture from ESR 78 to see if it’s similarly “mangled”
  • Create some simple test HTML pages with a repeating background, extract the texture from that
  • View a known 1080x1920 image and see how it differs from the texture dump
  • Is little endian / big endian mix-up a possibility?
  • Save the page as PDF and check results
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The new 4.6.0 update is here with the old browser? @flypig help :slight_smile:

It seems flypig is finishing up. Will he stretch it until Day 2^8?

Such perseverance! Really great achievement. Can we buy him a beer or coffee to celebrate?

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One week holiday would be more appropriate :slight_smile:


Flypig you’re great! Can we offer you a coffee or a beer? I’ll be happy to do that.


I would be in too. Just give us a Paypal account or a give me a coffee option and i would go for that too. Great work Flypig!


Really cool. Especially when you follow the blog, showing many frustrating days…

I just caught up. It’s gone from Sisyphus rolling boulders up hill to Hercules hurling them like golf balls! Yeah, @flypig !


Would donate this great work, too!

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Congratulations on figuring out the rendering issue @flypig, this is really great progress!

I’m really hoping for a beta release soon now :crossed_fingers:

Will we get an update as well?? Some field testing wouldnt be so bad!

As I read it there is still enough effort so that you won’t get something in your hand this month.

My secret guess is that there will be a something to celebrate the anniversary in August. :partying_face:

Its a bit late now, but I always wondered if someone could rent flypig a powerful vm for building. But as i understand it, the artifacts with debug symbols are quite big and would have to be transferred everytime.
anyone has an idea if that would be worth exploring?

Until parallel builds start working, there is not all that much that it would do. Single core performance peaks already in stuff you can readily have at home.

Did you already test the build using the updated compiler stack of 4.6? Perhaps there are performance improvements or parallel builds are working now.

Hm 10x faster compilation would probably have been … 15 days faster? Probably half the frustration during development…?
unfortunatley thats nothing i can help with…


In theory something like a “sccache cluster” could be built, with people contributing storage and computation power.

But in practice I guess latencies over the internet will offset any gains.

Also, setting it up and getting it to work reliably is likely not exactly trivial.

Still, maybe coderus’ docker build containers could be extended to include an sccache client setup, flypig could run a server, and users who want to contribute could fire up said Docker.

Or something.

EDIT: Huh, it would appear icecream which is a related/similar tool has support for OBS (or the other way around). Interesting. So maybe once the “cluster” mentioned above is there, it could be used by a simple ‘osc build’…

My understanding is that most of the build is single threaded. So a laptop build of 8 hours may be halved by a nitrogen cooled destkop, overclocked, but not more…

First of all, @flypig congratulations for cracking the WebView rendering! I can only imagine the weight lifted when you got the page rendering the first time!

To everyone asking, the build is single-threaded, because cargo build hangs almost every time if it uses anything above -j 1 in SB2 (see e.g. this old post). It is however possible to configure the Rust project(s) single-threaded (see The Cargo Book) but that would introduce yet another patch to the mix. I haven’t tried compiling the browser with all its bells and whistles for a long time, and this week is crammed already…


Thank you for taking on such a challenging task. Should you succeed and reach a milestone you feel is worth celebrating, please send me a private message with an address and your drink of choice, and I will post it to you free of charge.