Email Sync always up to date doesn't work

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I recently made a fresh install of on my XA2 single sim and realised non functioning sync of emails when selected the up to date setting - no new emails are recognized until I explicitly open the account in the email client. If e.g. 5 minute interval is selected, it does work. Can somebody confirm this behaviour or am I missing something. It did work on previous versions. I reflashed my device because the last update corrupted the system to much. So I am not sure if the previous updates really went smooth and updated to the current versions of packages.

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Which kind of account have you set up? On which frequency should your email be synced? I mean, what did you select?

On my side, I have 2 general emails account which are synced twice a day and I noticed no error.

My OS Language is german. When I select “Immer aktuell” under “Synchronisierungsrhytmus” I don’t get any emails, never. Unless I open the account in the email client and then the sync happens. With the interval setting e.g “Alle 5 Minuten” the client gets the newly arrived mails from the mail server - so this works. With my old set up I got new mails immediately.

Oh, I misunderstood your title. I just set up my general account to “always up to date” and if I open the E-mail client, it shows as updated. I tested sending an e-mail to myself and I received a notification.

Have you enabled Battery saving mode? In this case, it will disable option “always up to date”.

If no, you can enable some verbose mode. I followed this tutorial to get some logs. I had to restart my phone because restarting sailfish-eas didn’t work…

There has been a problem with always-up-to-date email synchronization for years on SFOS and across many releases, especially if the email account is Exchange and not IMAP. It works at the start, or after a reboot, but then for some inexplicable reason the background sync process just appears to stop and you won’t get any further email unless it is either restarted or you force a manual sync (which rather defeats the object of it).

I believe Jolla made some changes to help improve the Exchange sync in 4.4, but I got so fed up with it for so long I changed to IMAP and set a period sync of 5 minutes. That’s worked reliably ever since.

Thanks for the advice. I will try the tutorial later on. The phone is not in Battery saving mode but i will have a look at the logs. I forgot to mention that i have two IMAP accounts which i checked with several settings. The start page of the email client also show “up to date”, even though the sync did not happen. For now I will live with @Steve_Everett solution.

Could you please edit your post to a bug report?

There are already bug reports on problems with email sync, both always-up-to-date and periodic:

And on the old Jolla Together forum, the following posts:

Its an old chestnut …

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