Connectivity in general

Hi there,
people complain a lot about missing applications and how to solve that…
for me the most frustrating things are:

  • connectivity
  • qps
    when you really need it.

you are in hurry and abroad, you want to do something and with 95% phone won’t do what it is expected to do. it wont connect, it wont get gps fix.

well the gps fix i have ‘solved’ for me by using gps-info.
(btw. that would be another bug: the top menu buttons do not always show the real state, this is true for gps, bluetooth …)
turning gps - on -> starts situation to start gps-info -> turn off / on from there and wait.
now i have gps fix within 10-20 seconds (mostly) where it used to take minutes or not at all.

but back to connectivity:
i am sitting somewhere abroad, have my x10 with me, turn airplane mode off.
my wife does the same on ipad (same provider)
within secons she is online.
me ?
a minute if i am lucky, if not, lets restart the phone.

edit: right now somewhere on the sardines -> from airplane mode to online:

2+ mins then restart using utilities then 2:35 till online.

now for me these are the moments where i might get violent and just stump on it (the phone) … regularly.
i know these are the things that are not funny to solve and do cost a lot of time, but still please please

thanks for your attention !

btw the combination of here maps with the phone behaviour … you stand in the middle of somewhere with offline maps downloaded and wish you would have your paper map back


Regarding GPS this is relevant:

for me not: as mentioned above GPS works on X10 for me. (if i use gpsinfo trick, else i do wait till next summer)

Yeah, I can agree 100 %. These are also the things where I always think wtf and want to smash the phone. Same things. Xperia XA2 in my case.

Speaking of slowly connecting to the internet, I only have a Jolla phone and tablet to test, but the difference between the two when connecting to a WiFi network is rather extreme. Let’s say both are in airplane mode to start. I disable airplane mode, which enables WiFi, and the Jolla 1 is almost instantly connected to my home network. I do the exact same thing on the Jolla tablet, but there it takes 5-10 seconds before I get a connection pop-up asking me which WiFi network I’d like to connect to, and only then does it actually connect. I don’t even see any sort of pop-up on the Jolla 1 because it Just Connects™. What could be the cause of this discrepancy?