Community meeting on IRC 9th June 2022

was once tracked by Jolla (in 2019 at TJC)

It means either there are already an entry in their internal bug tracker, either they’ll create a new bug report. Because I’m note sure, I prefer to use the word seems.

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Hi @pherjung and Community Bug Reports team! May we have a status update on 11570 please? It’s affecting a growing number of users. Thanks!

Well, “seems” definitely denotes that there is some indication that “there already is an entry in Jolla’s internal bug tracker”.

“May be tracked by Jolla” would be almost neutral, “May or may not be tracked by Jolla” is fully neutral.

But I like the way you rephrased my statement, “was once tracked by Jolla (in 2019 at TJC)”, because that is the only thing we (outside of Jolla) know for sure. I originally assumed you to have access to Jolla-internal information, but if you know as little as I do (which is just that), then please put “was once tracked by Jolla (in 2019 at TJC)” in the comment field.


Unfortunately I have no access to Jolla’s internal bug tracked.

It’s really difficult to choose the right word because English isn’t my first language. It’s good to have an external opinion thank you! From my perspective, seem is still an ideal verb. If I translate to German or French, I get what I’m looking for. Something that’s possibly tracked or was once tracked, but I have no idea. In the end, it’s the same: someone at Jolla will first search for this bug before create it.

Something “seems” is equivalent to “appears to”, German “scheint”, French “sembler”.

Basically “it looks like …”, this is why I denoted that it implies that there is some indication that it really does.

Never mind, I am glad and thankful that you raised 7631.

Next thing I am curious about is if it makes a difference after all these years: We will see.

The bug reports are chosen randomly. If you want to discuss a specific issue, raise it as a separate topic at the meeting.


Perhaps it’s worth reiterating that we follow a feedback loop: the Bug Coordination Team raises bugs here before the meeting deadline, I then go through to compare against our internal bugtracker before the meeting and feedback the results at the meeting.

The ultimate aim is first to clean up the tagging of bugs (tracked/pending/fixed/none), second to get as many high-quality bugs (meaning well-written, clear steps to reproduce, etc.) into the Jolla bug tracker.

This would be a whole lot easier if the team had access to Jolla’s internal database, but as @pherjung points out, that’s not the case and is unfortunately not possible right now.

So, the list here can be seen as the team flagging up bugs for me to look at. From my point of view “seems” is enough info for me to know what’s going on and act on it. Nevertheless I think it’s fair to say that we’re always interested to have suggestions for improvements to the process, or ways to make the process clearer.

  • Name/IRC nick: fridlmue
  • Topic: Standalone AppSupport license for ports
  • Some details about the topic: This is a follow up on the general discussion of the last meeting. My question, which was suggested do be a separate topic on the following meeting, was:
    Is standalone Android AppSupport for Ports still a topic under active consideration at Jolla?
    Are there any advanced plans?
  • Approx. time needed: 10 min
  • Substitute (optional): Not sure if I can make it next meeting, will give my best. But nevertheless most likely the answer will be clear and I do not expect to much discussion.

Thank you very much for clearly describing the process, obviously I missed where this already has been defined at FSO.

So, the list here can be seen as the team flagging up bugs for me to look at.

Sorry, I did not assume that its purpose was just that.

Nevertheless I think it’s fair to say that we’re always interested to have suggestions for improvements to the process …

Well, first of all the obvious one, which you already denoted:

This would be a whole lot easier if the team had access to Jolla’s internal database …

But I sure learnt over the course of almost 10 years that Jolla deems secrecy to be paramount, still I sense that this belief is becoming even stronger. Which is unfortunate, and there seems little we can do about this.

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I think you are a little unfair here. First of all, were not qualified to make decisions and dont want to be. Second I imagine there might be sensitive customer data in the system. Would you like to gamble on this for almost no reward?

  • Name/IRC nick: cyberlyra
  • Topic: discontinuous 4G connectivity on 10iii
  • Some details about the topic: 10iii users report requiring reset network subsystem to regain connectivity. May occur when switching from Wi-Fi to data, or 3G to 4G. Initial reports assumed volte beta enabled, later reports with no volte. Discussion here and initial bug file here. An update is appreciated.
  • Approx. time needed: 10 mins
  • Substitute (optional): tba

    Edit: I can no longer make this meeting, moving topic to next meeting.

  • Name/IRC nick: pherjung
  • Topic: Collaboration between Jolla and mobile phone manufacturer
  • Some details about the topic: Swiss enterprise Recommerce AG has now his own phone called Rephone. What are the conditions Recommerce AG should achieve so SailfishOS is supported with Android App Support?
  • Approx. time needed: 5’
  • Substitute (optional): Nobody. I’ll be absent.

The “rephone” specifications hint that its hardware seems to be identical to the Volla Phone 22 specifications and the specifications of the Gigaset GS5. I.e., they likely are all are a Gigaset GS5 in terms of the hardware, but Volla offers it with “alternative” operating systems pre-installed: “Volla OS”, which is a Google-free / AOSP-based Android (likely based on LineageOS), and Ubuntu Touch / UBports. Because the “rephone” seems to run a “stock” Android by Google (there is no indication of any “tweaks” to the OS stack being made), it likely is identical to the Gigaset GS5.

Unfortunately the Gigaset GS5 / Volla Phone 22 / rephone uses a Mediatec SoC (Helio G85), which makes porting SailfishOS a bit harder, but so does the original Volla Phone (based on the Gigaset GS290) and the PlanetCom Gemini PDA, to which SailfishOS has been ported successfully (albeit with a few caveats compared to the Sony Xperias, of which the officially and community supported models all use Qualcomm SoCs).

  • Name/IRC nick: HtheB
  • Topic: What’s the next official device that will be supported by Sailfish OS. Are there any plans to release the Sailfish OS to a (current) high end device?
  • Some details about the topic: I am considering to get a Sony device, however, if there are plans to release Sailfish OS to a new phone soon, should someone better wait for the next device?
  • Approx. time needed: 5min
  • Name/IRC nick: remote (won’t be present)
  • Topic: 4g on both SIMs
  • Some details about the topic: SFOS doesn’t support 4g on both SIM slots, android ( and HW) does. Hence the restriction of volte on data sim (=4g) only
  • Approx. time needed: 5 min
  • Name/IRC nick: thilo
  • Topic: what are the plans regarding the memory problems on devices like the XA2?
  • Some details about the topic: Since sandboxing one is confronted with the oom killer much more often. Are there plans to make the oom killer prioritize better (thus prioritize apps that are not used currently)? What is the current strategy of the oom killer? Are there plans to reduce the memory footprint with sandboxing?
  • Approx. time needed: 10m
  • Substitute (optional): in case i am not there, discuss without me
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  • Name/IRC nick:thilo
  • Topic: background services
  • Some details about the topic:what are the future plans for background services? I remember that it was a quite high rated feature in a poll. But to my knowledge it is still not possible for e.g. Chatapps to poll data without being open.
  • Approx. time needed:10m
  • Substitute (optional): if i am not there, discuss without me

also feel free to move this topic to the next meeting, as I already got one…

Minutes: #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 9th June 2022
Minutes (text):
Log: #sailfishos-meeting log

Thanks to everyone for the phenomenal quantity and quality of questions this meeting, and for all the valuable discussion.

Unfortunately we had an issue that caused the minutes to get damaged. @Keto has kindly offered to fix them, but please bear this in mind and let us know if you notice any anomalies.


Thank you — I appreciate you addressing the issue I raised!

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Thanks for your question @cyberlyra. I know you asked to move it to the next meeting, but it seemed sensible to at least provide the info we have up to now. You’re welcome to bring it up at the next meeting again of course if you’d like to discuss it further.

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