Community meeting on 15th February 2024

Schedule: Thursday 2024-02-15T08:00:00Z   :world_map:   :date:

Topic proposals for the meeting:

  • Add your name/nick using the template below to suggest a topic.
  • Indicate how much time you’ll need so we can time-box the meeting accordingly.
  • Please be as thorough as you can with your question/topic.
  • If you can’t make the meeting please ask and name a substitute.

It is expected that you show up and present your topic, or name a substitute and make sure they attend in your absence. These IRC meetings are for real time participation and live discussions, otherwise you can post the topic on here and get responses that way.

We need you to be present to clarify details in the topic, and to ensure the discussion is leading to the answers you are looking for! If you do not participate or your question/topic isn’t clear enough it will be postponed. Also: always ask for more time than you anticipate your topic needs!

Please have your topics ready at least 3 days before the meeting so we can prepare good answers. Topics announced afterwards will be postponed to the next meeting.

Template for topic proposal: (post your topic proposals as comments to this forum topic).

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* Topic:
* Some details about the topic:
* Approx. time needed:
* Substitute (optional):

Open Pull Requests:
If you have, or know of, a pull request that’s been open for at least 3 weeks, but which you think deserves attention, please add a comment using the template below and we’ll consider it during the next meeting.

* Name/IRC nick:
* Open PR URL:

  • Name/IRC nick: piggz
  • Topic: Ofono Updates
  • Some details about the topic:
    Sailfish uses the Ofono Telephony stack to communicate with modems. The version of Ofono use in Sailfish is quite old, and diverged from the upstream project quite a lot. This was possibly understandable when the upstream looked stagnant, however it seems to have had somewhat of a revival, and has pushed out several release lately. Would it be worth re-basing the Sailfish Ofono and plugins on top of upstream to reduce the divergence and future maintenance? I understand some of the reluctance to use upstream has been around the ell library, can you expand as to why this cant be used, it doesnt seem like a very large lib to include. I have had PRs on sailfish ofono to update it for quite some time, these were created by painstakingly cherry-picking each upstream commit that would apply against the sailfish version, but the longer the divergence remains, the harder this gets. Upstream has improvements for the quactel modem, many code cleanups and improvements, and maybe useful for other porters.
  • Approx. time needed: 10min
  • Substitute (optional):

Ofono on SFOS is definitely not the most stable version there is…

  • Name/IRC nick: cquence
  • Topic: Restore Sailfish Weather
  • Some details about the topic: Will the native Foreca Weather app be restored in the next release? Also are there any possibilities to use the native app with different configurable backends? User will have to provide their own key/credentials for paid services.
  • Approx. time needed: 5min
  • Substitute (optional):

Minutes: #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 15th Feb 2024
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