Change Default Font

Anyone know how to? Used to have UIThemer, but no more… I’ve messed around a bit with /etc/fonts/local.conf, and gotten some little changes, but not sure what causes what…

I could just replace sailsans fonts, but maybe a cleaner way?

Check out @dumols work at

It uses fontconfig as well which makes it a bit complicated but it works well enough.


Also you don’t need to change /etc, overriding in .local/share/fonts works.

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perfect thanks

So in ~/.config/fontconfig/os/sfos.conf, PT-Mono is lisyed as alias for sailsansprolight, so I guess PT- mono is what is used by default (?), so would it work to change PT-Mono in that line to something else?

update - yep, seems to work…
Probably no chance of glyphs is SF terminal, right? I installed some Nerd Fonts, annd they show fine, but glyphs don’t show up in terminal…

When I played around with it I managed to make the terminal completely unreadable - so fontconfig does affect it.

It probably just needs the right incantation.

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