Cellular/4G down after voice call (XperiaX/ -- Xperia10ii/

From what I can understand from the discussion here, the underlying cause is the use of a 4G network, without VoLTE support.

As such, this will hopefully be resolved on the Xperia 10 II once VoLTE support is available. It would be helpful if users experiencing this could post their experiences after upgrading once it’s available.

Issue seems to be fixed in! (Xperia 10 II) german provider Drillisch. As I am not that techsavy I did not activate VoLTE support.

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That’s great to hear. I won’t mark is as fixed just yet, but if others find it’s now working better, or if there are no reports of it still being problematic after a period of time, I’ll mark this as such.

In my case it is still there in
No difference to before on my X10II.

That’s a shame, but it’s good to be clear that this is still happening without VoLTE.

@flypig I switched the WiFi off and tried again. The Issue was there again! So the problem is definitely not solved yet.

Yes, I can confirm that the issue has been there all the time since 4.0 and is still there.

I would have loved to respond, as requested, with more detailed info on how many seconds the various phases lasts. However, SF prevents me from this. I’ve no other clock than my SF device, and the clock on top of the screen has no setting for showing seconds, (which it definitely should have …).

I have a similar issue, which lasts on the XA2 (for several updates) and the 10 III (
After a call, I have to wait to make another call, between 10s and 60s.
In addition, my calls regularly cut off during conversation due to a network error, I have to wait to restart the call.
I have a feeling that these problems are related to abnormal heating of the chip, what do you think of this theory? Has this been explored?
(Sorry for my poor English…)

This issue is incredibly disrupting in some circumstances. Is anything being done to address it?

Overall connectivity on Sailfish devices is not great to begin with, reboots are needed several times a day just to stay connected. But this particular one makes it much worse.

This issue is solved in 4.5. I see the phone goese from 4G to 2G during call and then to 2.5 after the call.

I can confirm this too.