Cannot delete contacts

Lately I had inserted a vodafone a prepaid sim card. I have not imported sim contacts, but they where displayed in people app although this is deselected in the settings. After removing the sim card these contacts (astro service, traffic etc) doesn’t disappear from people app and I cannot delete them. "delete contact " is greyed out.

Also after inserting the sim card again I’m not able to delete this crap.

Has anyone an idea what I can do?


Do you have many more other contacts? (not sim ones)

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I mean… you could use AT commands and interact with the SIM phonebook…

# Turn on printout of replies
cat /dev/smd7 &
# Test that it works - should reply with OK
echo -e 'AT\r' > /dev/smd7
# List phonebooks
echo -e 'AT+CPBS=?\r' > /dev/smd7
# Should return something like +CPBS: ("SM","DC","MC","ME","RC","EN")
# You probably want to select the SM one
echo -e 'AT+CPBS="SM"\r' > /dev/smd7
# List entry range
echo -e 'AT+CPBW=?\r' > /dev/smd7
# Look at first range, probably something like +CPBW: (1-250) ...
# For reference: how to add an entry to poition 1
echo -e 'AT+CPBW=1,"6666666",129,"Test"\r' > /dev/smd7
# Read entry 1 
echo -e 'AT+CPBR=1\r' > /dev/smd7
# Delete entry 1
echo -e 'AT+CPBW=1\r' > /dev/smd7

Happy hunting!

And after all that, i now see you removed the SIM… eh, nevermind then.


All my contacts are stored on the device.
I’ve never synced any contact with online accounts.
And yes, I have. About 200.

Okay, I’ve got it.

Normally I have one sim and a sdcard in my phone.
When I used the vodafone sim the first time, I used it in sim slot 2.

Playing around this evening I saw that the undeletable contacts are coming from sim slot 2.
Maybe, I had “show sim contacts” in app settings enabled, I don’t know.

Today as I tried to delete them and inserted the sim again, I inserted it in slot 1.
So it can’t work.

Now I used sim slot 2. Selecting and deselecting “show sim contacts” made the unwanted contacts disappear.

Thanks to @ric9k and @attah for trying to help.

I was thinking of exporting all, delete the bad ones, delete the DB and reimport all.
But @attah proposal is probably simpler.

You could also search what is different between SIM and normal contacts into the DB and change it to make the contacts form the sim deletable.
The DB is in /home/defaultuser/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/
And you can e.g. open it with sqlitebrowser through ssh
Make a copy of the files located in this dir first!

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Oh, ok, was just writing at the same time…

I probably would have tried that next. Thank you very much.