Cannot connect Nikon SnapBridge App to Nikon camera via WiFi or Bluetooth


Check: Nikon D5300 worked using wifi with Jolla! -

Some days ago I wanted to connect a nikon camera with my Sailfish xperia 10 ii, I checked the links from dslrdashboard site and didn’t work for download. Hopefully I had the .apk from 7 years ago when it was available, I installed it and it worked quite well. I might have also some source code from when was available. If you duckduckgo-it ( qDslrDashboard apk ) you will find it (no ideas how reliable the sites are).

If you manage to install the app, the procedure is to activate the wifi on the camera, connect your device as to any wifi (camera name will appear on available wifis). After that run the app, and press NIKON / CANON / SONY (whatever camera you have). Interface is clean and easy to use. Some times it stuck, I clear cache and data from Settings-> Apps → qDslrDashboard.

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Seems same situation as with Canons camera app. No joy in Sailfish android support, at least not with bluetooth. Have to try it again now that the android support is in good shape, maybe wifi works.

There might be one more option: Get the source code for the camera app and roll your own native version for sailfish. I know that Canon lets you get the sdk, just registration and request is needed. Maybe Nikon offers same option?

Yep, Nikon offers the same option: Nikon Imaging | SDK Download
I had a look at their API documentation some years ago

Unfortunately, none of the ideas suggested here help to transfer the GPS data from my smartphone to the camera via bluetooth.
So I had a really crazy idea and got myself an old android phone to use exclusively to connect to my nikon camera.
Still I am willing to do such nasty workarounds to stay with sailfish. But I don’t know how long I’ll keep doing this and then look for a new OS beyond Google etc.
So i hope that the developers will finally get the bluetooth support for android apps up and running and I can stay happy with sailfish.