Can not remove gnupg2

see title …

…but why would you want to do that?

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sailfish refuses to install any update as long as gnupg2 is installed.

Removing it with storeman or pkcon does not work either.

Do you have a different gnupg2 installed than the one from Jolla for the installed SFOS release? If not, your current analysis is very unlikely.

I installed the one from storeman. But I can not remove it by storeman.

In the regard of sailfish updates … The sailfish update gui says I need to remove package gnupg2 before can be installed.

Most of the nags are harmless: some non-Jolla packaces will be removed because of failing dependencies, some non-Jolla system packages will be replaced by Jolla packages.

I would just

  • zypper ref && zypper up
  • In Storeman check that I have sfos-upgrade and the OpenSSL 1.1.1 + 1.0.2 compatibility packages installed, then disable all repos
  • zypper ref && zypper up
  • unapply all Patchmanager patches
  • check that I can ssh to the phone over WiFi
  • ignore the nag and update anyway (but I have over 20 years of Linux experience so I can usually fix what I break)

But to play it safe:

  • do what I would do but stop after ssh
    zypper in gnupg2
  • if you get a nag about version downgrade
    zypper in --oldpackage gnupg2
    (those are two hyphens, not one dash)
  • if you get a nag about vendor change
    zypper in --allow-vendor-change --oldpackage gnupg2

Check your current version with
ssu re
If it has already changed to you need to finish the partial update. You’ll probably get a harmless nag because gnupg is already the updated version, not the expected 4.2 version, sometimes hundreds of harmless nags (if you have booted after a “failed” = partial update). If it hasn’t, you will start the update from a stable status and should get no nags.

You have four ways to update:

  • use the GUI
  • sfos-upgrade
  • ssu re && version --dup
  • ssu re && zypper dup
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  1. Storeman is just a “app for managing repositories and packages at OpenRepos”. Hence you did not install “the one from Storeman”!
  2. You used Storeman to enable some repository at OpenRepos to install a third party gnupg2 package. You must at least disable this repository! I suggest to remove this repository from your local repository configuration.
  3. For some background info read this comment for sfos-upgrade; typical offending repos are NielDK, lpr, lpr_A7, lachs0r etc.

But I can not remove it by storeman.

Sure, because gpupg2 is crucial for SailfishOS and you replaced the original package from Jolla by a third party one with exactly the same name.

In the regard of sailfish updates … The sailfish update gui says I need to remove package gnupg2 before can be installed.

This message is crap, because is does more harm than being helpful: One has to know very well how to interpret it, which is dependant upon the package(s) listed. In this case (gnupg2) you would make your SailfishOS installation unable to install or update any software, if you do as the message advises; in many other cases it can be simply ignored.

Do perform step 2, then try:
devel-su pkcon --allow-downgrade install gnupg2

Please report success or failure here.


Thanks for all the information. This will help to get further. I will report back.

Cheers bernd alias wartburgritter