Camera app sometimes not saving videos

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): rare
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10 II
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): unknown

DESCRIPTION: I recorded two short videos (less than a minute) using the built-in Camera app. Later I went to look into the Gallery/Videos but they were not there. I tried to record video several times, and none of the recordings were saved. I rebooted the phone. First recording did save Ok. Second did not. Couple of more and now it seems to work everytime, but something did happen and I lost two videos that I would’ve liked to keep.

Plenty of free space (both system and user storage).


I noticed the same since a few weeks. Happens with X10 II ( and X10 III ( If it happens, it is always the first video after a while not using the camera. It also happens with pictures (first one not saved after opening camera app). The setting is “save on sd-card”, maybe this contributes. At the beginning I thought it is my own mistake, not having pressed the button, but it happens very regularly. The videos were definetly recorded, I saw the seconds counter, but it is nowhere to be found later.

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Agreed, I now realise this has happened to me as well. I had thought it was me not saving it properly (user error) but since others have had the same experience I now believe it is the same bug as has been reported here.

For me it happens even on Android Compatibility side when using GCam or Opencamera. It prevents me from using some builtin cameras too, like Zen Bank app needed to scan my ID, which crashed, amd I had to use my old Android phone for that.
Also I guess this bug report is connected to this [, Xperia 10 iii] Camera App crashes when trying to record a video

@Steve_Everett @JacekJagosz can you comment on whether you are saving to interal memory or SD-card directly?

To internal memory.
This issue is actually related to bug in Sony’s adaptation: [LENA][11][4.19] Camera server crashes when video recording is stopped · Issue #761 · sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker · GitHub
And SFOS dev actually explained that issue during today’s community meeting: #sailfishos-meeting log

07:10:51 <Thaodan> First: jacekjagosz mixes two issues up that have similar symptoms. The Volla issue is different some of the libraries used in the hal where not whitelisted.
07:11:13 <Thaodan> ExTechOp: Please ask later the question is another issue.
07:11:29 <ExTechOp> OK
07:12:12 <Thaodan> On to the Xperia 10 III: The Sony camera blob crashes which gives the impression for the user that doesn't see this that something with the camera app is wrong.
07:12:51 <Thaodan> closing the camera app or turning the screen on and off is usually enough to renew the connection to the camera android daemon after it was restarted.
07:14:11 <Thaodan> The remaining thing that we can do as Jolla or the community is to look if some configuration is missing that should have been imported from Sony's stock rom while porting.
07:14:24 <JacekJagosz[m]> Any ideas why no AOSP user reported this bug?
07:14:30 <JacekJagosz[m]> Only seen on SFOS?
07:14:53 <Thaodan> However since the Sony stock and the Sony AOSP camera stack is so different the issue might be really in the qualcomm blob.
07:15:17 <JacekJagosz[m]> The fact that SFOS uses CameraAPI, and AOSP Camera2API?
07:15:36 <Thaodan> Sony AOSP uses Qualcomms default camera api while Sony stock uses their own Camera api on top of Qualcomm stock camera api.
07:15:41 <Thaodan> No!
07:16:04 <Thaodan> The issue also happens on AOSP, we simply noticed it during testing.
07:16:13 <JacekJagosz[m]> Oh, interesting
07:16:18 <JacekJagosz[m]> Didn't know
07:16:37 <poetaster> Question, where to start looking at the current Camera api to compare with 2? Is this not directly related to the version of QT ?
07:17:07 <Thaodan> We finished some parts of the camera part that were missing from the Sony initial port e.g. the hardware enconding for the video recording and encoding.
07:17:31 <flypig> 2 more mins on this topic.
07:18:05 <Thaodan> So tldr: the issue is a android issue not related to Sailfish OS, we are waiting for Sony for help, community could try to find things we missed in the open source part.
07:18:11 <Thaodan> so done :)
07:18:16 <flypig> mal, do you have any thoughts on poetaster's question about the Camera2 API?
07:18:38 <Thaodan> Also the issue isn't related to Camera1 or Camera2.
07:18:53 <Thaodan> so that is entirely unrelated.
07:18:56 <flypig> Thanks for your detailed explanation Thaodan.
07:19:25 <JacekJagosz[m]> Thank you so much, that makes much more sense!
07:19:26 <Thaodan> If we can reproduce an issue on AOSP in the same or slightly different way than Sailfish OS is out of the discussion.

Internal memory … Making the teply longer thsn 20 characters.

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Someone from Sony FINALLY decided to take a look at this error, and it took him an hour to find a library was missing! So it should be fixed with next blobs release from Sony, so hopefully next SFOS release too…

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Thanks for the bug report @laustela, and for all of the useful follow-up discussion. Thanks also @JacekJagosz for highlighting the progress on the work.

It’s not entirely clear to me whether this will make it into the next release or not, but hopefully, and as such I’ve tagged it as fixed. If that turns out not to be the case, then I’ll amend it and try to post back details here.