Calendar alarms don't work for recurring events since SFOS 4.5.x.x [Solved]

Well, I only wanted to let know that all recurring events are affected, so the thread title actually isn’t precise. Merely an information.

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I use recurring events a lot, @dcaliste thanks for the fix. Can I use this patch for Gemini PDA as well? The calendar is arranged a little differently there - landscape mode - than on the Xperia 10III.

The fix is touching a low level library : the one saving the events to a database and updating the alarms accordingly. It should not affect any UI code.

Thanks, it also works on the Gemini PDA :wink:

Oh yes, I do. But since most of my recurring events are all-day events and because I don’t like being reminded at midnight, I only use reminders for a fraction of them…

For an all-day event you can set the reminder to go off e.g. 1 hour, or 2 hours, or 6 hours, or 12 hours before the event, and this way be reminded not at midnight but at 23:00, or 22:00, or 18:00, or noon, respectively.

That works. However, I would very often need a (first) reminder days in advance.

I rarely use recurring events with reminders, but i added one and I noticed this bug. Thank you @dcaliste for the fix!!

I’ve edited the thread title as it wasn’t correct.

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I have this issue again, I’m in sfos, and it wasn’t working in sfos either: alarm only work in the first event and there is no alarm for the next events. Anyone with the same situation as me?

@carmenfdezb The fix provided by @dcaliste has been merged. Are you still impacted by this issue?


Yes, I’ve noticed that if I add a recurring event and I don’t set an end date, alarm only sound in the first event.

I came mark this as tracked but changes that changes that been make are have available only next bigger release.


But isn’t it fixed for sfos I installed mkcal-qt5 when I was in sfos from here: After, I’ve updated SailfishOS to last version ( and I have currently mkcal-qt5- installed. As I said, it’s not working for recurring events when I don’t set an end date.

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I need to clarify myself as I realized that changes in mkcal upgrade-4.5.0 branch have indeed been already released in meaning that something else has to be broken.

@carmenfdezb that is exactly the right version. Whatever comes after last dot doesn’t count as that’s coming from build counter.

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I cannot reproduce. Can you give a bit more description of your event / alarm setup ? What is the recurring period, when is it schedule to trigger, do you have exceptions…

From my side, I tested by setting up a daily event, triggering alarm at the moment of event, without exceptions and without ending date. The alarm rung at the moment of the first event and I checked with timedclient-qt5 that an alarm was reschedule for tomorrow.


Hi @dcaliste! Thank you for your answer. In my case was weekly event and I set the alarm 15 minutes before the event. This recurrent event is working now, I think since a set an ending date. I will try to reproduce again this bug, with a new recurrent event (daily event) and I will comment here if it’s working or not.

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Today alarm event didn’t sound. Configuration of the event:

I have on a 10 III. This problem was existing for me before this update and when the update came out, it started working again for maybe a week or two… and now I am back to no alarms. I have been watching this thread and noted that there doesn’t seem to be a firm solution even though it is marked as solved.

I have two calendar events, each bi-weekly. (blue bin goes out one week, black bin goes out the other) and the alarm is set for 5 mins before the event on Wednesday at 7pm. Doesn’t sound.

I have tried timedclient-qt5 as su and normal user and nothing shows. Also tried setting an end date on one of the events and that hasn’t solved it either. Nor has a reboot.

I have also tried destroying and re-creating the events. Come to think of it, this might have resulted in the “first alarm only” of a series sounding. I’ll try another destroy and re-create. But… this has resulted in me not relying on the phone for alarms any more.

I was testing this in the background (read: I forgot about it, up to the moment I remembered that an alarm was supposed to ring every two weeks…), and it occured to me also.

I don’t know how to reproduce though : / So for the moment, no good news on this problem. Still investigating.

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