[Bug] MMS doesn't send pictures when Patchmanager is installed

Only if it shows up on the OS update screen as a problem package need you worry about it.

BTW the PR is merged now and tagged as 1.11.13 in master. This means the fix will be generally available in some next release

Sorry, I don’t know what is PR?

I may even add that it has been backported in a upgrade-4.4.0 branch with the tag So it may resonnably be part of the coming 4.4 release.

@ric9k, a PR is a pull request in Github. A public mechanism where some code in development is reviewed before being included in the main code. About the release, if you have installed the 1.11.12 package, you will see a message during UI upgrade saying to revert the libcommhistory-qt5. You can do it, as explained by @vlagged. In my experience, you can also leave it like that, the upgrade automatically downgrading it to the official (the downgrade will not raise any issue, as far as I know, since the changes between the two version don’t require data migration, conflicting files…).

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Got it. Thank you very much.

Optionally remove the added repo:

zypper rr https://repo.sailfishos.org/obs/home:/b100dian:/commhistoryd/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/

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wait are you guys saying mms works with wifi? How is this possible ?

Hmm didn’t see your post.
You are right, I don’t know actually. I just had wifi ON.
Gonna correct this in first post. EDIT: well…can’t edit anymore, sorry…

BTW, the fix is needed and works with too.