Automatically mount *encrypted* sd-card

I would like to automatically mount an encrypted SD-card. I followed this guide: · master · olf / _Guide_ Creating partitions on SD-card - optionally encrypted · GitLab
I can’t get it to work. I think there is a problem with:
cryptsetup luksFormat.
Because whatever I do, I’m asked for a known password. Never in the procedure the software asks me for a password. When I make Luks happen in another way, my phone says “Not allowed to unlock memory card”.

Thanks in advance.

Duplicate of Mount luks encrypted SD-Card automatically - #3 by carmenfdezb

Thank you kindly for the referral. If I understand correctly, support from Jolla is an absolute requirement. I hope you will get good cooperation soon.

No, only time & motivation is required from anyone willing to contribute.

I hope you will get good cooperation soon.

LOL! With whom?

Neither Jolla or anyone else seems to be willing to put any effort into this, so why should I?

I absolute agree with you that manual mounting is useless. Making regular backups to sd-card is very important. Backups are unencrypted. That doesn’t meet my expectations.
Keep on the good work, please!

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