Aptoide changes?

hi all,

no idea if this is the correct place to ask but: did the aptoide shop just change? i do not use droid that often but my bank forced me to update my app. i searched on my aptoide for it but no up is availiable, i do npt use pray store so i searched for the bank app in the internet and found a version in aptoide store. it had an orange icon now and seems to be new.

any of you who could tell me about it and do we have that new store in the sailfishstore? haven’t found it yet.

Don’t remember when, but aptoide store seemed to be cracked. It offered weird versions of software some time back. You can find info from tjc. And just looked, my Xperia 10 shows “Store” i.e. android store which seems to be Aptoide. Apparently it is back in usable form. Haven’t tried. I needed only whatsapp, and that can be downloaded directly from https://www.whatsapp.com/, cutting the middle man. I wish there were more applications available this way.

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try an Aurora Store - unofficial client fro Google Store, i think its better download bank application from official sources

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Some banks (mine, at least) deny downloading their mobile app from any other source, only Google Store.

Aurora Store - its client for Google Store, that mean it should download any application from Google Play Store (official applications). I use this store on my dalvik, without google play and services, and have all my bank applications, its work well.


Apparently my bank is able to prevent Aurora (and other 3rd party pseudo-stores) from hosting its .apk package.

Ok, my bank app is availiable on that new aptoide
I do not want to use any of google apps / services, so I need another way
as stated above: aptoide store was unsafe for a while (read that on tjc) but there has been a time where that was fixed (read on tjc) and then aptoide store was availiable again in jolla store
but in the aptoide store that Jolla provides, the bank app does not exist, so maybe aptoide released a new version, Jolla did not see yet (or has no time for it) -> so my question is: is that new aptoide store known by someone and “safe”?
I never heared from aurora, so I’ll see if I can get any news about that, thanks for the alternative, will watch out.

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Personally I have never heard about Aurora store, but as Sailfish OS is called Aurora OS @Russia, I gather there might be an Aurora store as well.

If you have google account, you can download apps from google via browser, you just need to log in. At least it used to work, haven’t tried for a long time.

New Huawei phones run Android, but don’t have google services. So Huawei has its own store and at least in Finland many applications (bank applications at least) are available via that store. So perhaps if you know someone who owns new Huawei phone, you could ask him/her to download the application you need and try that one. Naturally I don’t know if there is some resource which is those applications use from Huawei’s side. Perhaps some one here knows more and can enlighten us?

It’s called Aurora Market, so no ambiguity here.

They have nothing in common except the first part of name: Aurora

No, on f-droid (and elsewhere) this application names itself ‘Aurora Store’.


If you install microG, then you can also install the Aurora Store without the need to have a Google account. That’s the way I use it, at least.

So depending on what your objection is it may serve your needs. If you’re avoiding the need for a Google account, or don’t want Google tracking you, then it may be okay, but if you don’t want to touch any part of the Google infrastructure, even through an intermediary, then it’s not going to help.

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You don’t need microG for Aurora Store.


Nice, that’s good to know, thanks.

If necessary, the HUAWEI AppGallery can be installed and used on the Sailfish device: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/huawei/huawei-appgallery/


A few months ago we got the message that Aptoïde was unsafe. I switched to Apkpure. This app has changed into an ad portal, not nice. I have about 7 android apps on my device, such as MagicEarth (o.s.), the Guardian and BBC News (not o.s.), Tutanota (o.s.). So some are opens source, others are not.
Can anyone tell if Google is snooping around on my device if I download an app with Aurora store? I don’t want a Google account, have nothing googlish.
I saw that my bank, Triodos has an app in Aurora. Is that safe? Of course I would prefer Zaster Banker, but that does only work in Germany.

Have installed Aurora store on the website of FDroid. In settings on my device I permitted ‘storage’ only. After downloading my bank app I saw in the Aurora app not only the usual list of installed android apps, but also android icons of ‘settings’, ‘gallery’ and ‘files’ all ‘transformations’ from the Sailfish icons on my phone. So the app store has access to your pictures etc. without permission. I also saw that installation of apps in Aurora happens with a gmail account. They say it can be done anonymous. How does that work? For anonymous isn’t really anonymous in Google.
I have deleted Aurora and the apk, but will keep the bank app for a while.