Any way to get a custom ambience to respect the picture used to create it?

Carefully cropped a pic to use as a wallpaper.

On SFOS that seems to involve making it a custom ambience. Fine.

Create a custom ambience, and the image is all zoomed in, with no way to specify or zoom to the desired crop.

Is this “just the way it is”?

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There are many threads about how to create the correct format for a wallpaper image to appear correctly.

Eg. Set wallpaper problem - General - Sailfish OS Forum

but there are others, search for them…

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cheers, i did search, but apparently failed.

OP marked SOLVED, but I’m not sure I understood the question.

In my experience

a. it’s perfectly possible to crop pictures through the Gallery app
b. SFOS does not allow setting wallpapers separately from ambiences

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i was creating wallpapers to use in an ambience at the same resolution as the phone’s screen (1080x2520), where in reality they need to be square, ideally sized to the pixel height of that screen (2520x2520).

That is indubitably true.