Android app background execution

I went for running a couple of days ago, and I used a tracking app to record my time and distance. It’s an android app I had also used on the iPhone (komoot).

While it basically works well, it stopped recording after around 11 minutes. I suspect that the background execution of the app got suspended after 11 minutes, so the recording stopped.

Is there a way to get around this limitation?

Did you already check permissions? Maybe it needs a switch checked under app permissions. …


Have you tried using the native app OSMScout?
It has a tracking option, which saves tracks to .gpx.
If your Komroot app can import gpx recordings, you should be fine!


How do I check those settings? E.g. how do I open the adroid settings app?

several ways… Easiest for me is to install some kind of quick launch’ app, which overlays a floating button on your screen that brings up an app launcher. There are dozens of them… Also, you can launch from an android terminal with am start Some terminals t work on Sailfish because they depend on a file that’s not there, but I’ve found that Qute and 3C Terminal work fine…

Isn’t there a more official way? There should be a way to easily open android options?

On my XA2 I remember that I had some kind of alien dalvik tweak/patch/tool which allowed to open the settings. But I think on / 10ii it is not available.

There should be just a straight button in SFOS settings if you ask me.

Isn’t what you search in the Settings, then to the App-Tab, and then you clock on the Android App you want to change the settings for and tap on open Settings? Or can’t you open the required dialog there?

AD control was coderus’ app, and he seems to have given up. I don’t think it will work on 4+… Opening Android settings from app settings will get you to a specific app’s settings, but you can’t nav back to main settings…

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Indeed thats a way, I didn’t know this before.

But unfortunately the android settings of this app did not reveal anything useful regarding battery saving or background execution.

But then again I am no Android user, so I really have no clue where to look for those settings, or how to find out what could be causing the stopping of the recording. I don’t think its an issue with some general access/permissions, since the recording works for the first 11 minutes.

So possibilities:

  • SFOS stops android background execution
  • Android stops android background execution
  • SFOS cuts background GPS access
  • Android stops background GPS access

Its been a while since I used it, but I think I remember the app being “reset”, e.g. when reopening it, it didn’t appear to be running still, but rather beeing restarted quickly.

This leads me to believe the background execution of the app itself had been stopped.

How would I figure out how to work around this?

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For me, this works exactly as needed

I don’t know exactly. But in these settings there is a “Advanced” (?) → “Battery” → “Battery Optimization” point where you can probably change something to play around with. (I don’t know if the translations are correct, mine is in German.)

You re right, but sometime this only seems to work. When you go back to see the setting again it is like resetting. Not funny. I am sorry, i also dont know why.

For tracking on bike I am using OpenTracks from f-droid and everything is working.