Ambience transfer

I’m currently using an Xperia X and about to take delivery of a 10 III.

I am looking to take the ambiences off the X and transfer to the 10 III but I’m having a slight problem.

OS is currently on 4.4 build and I’m connected using account nemo using FTP via WLAN. However, the articles I’ve been reading for the location of the ambiences don’t seem to be correct, and the one folder that makes sense (/home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged) throws up a permission error for nemo.

My belief is… and I could be wrong… if I change to SU and mash the privileges to the folder so that user “nemo” can get at them, then I could potentially break something.

So what’s the recommended way to transfer ambiences between devices (and also installing new ones because I have all the ambiences from the different colour backs that I bought when the original Jolla phone was launched)

Thanks for any hints and advice.

Additional… I think I’ve found them in /usr/share/ambience and I can probably use devel-su to copy them to another place where the FTP can get to them with the nemo user… and the other way on the 10 III … but will there be incompatability problems between ambience versions?

Yet more… it looks like the original ambiences, “ambience-black” “ambience-aloe” “ambience-snow-white” “ambience-the-first-one” aren’t working, so I guess I’m going to have to go through config files and work things out.

Any pointers appreciated.

I’ve got it. Some of the naming conventions in the files were not matching, so I sorted that out. It will take a bit of testing to see if the older ambiences work properly, but I think I know enough now to sort it out.

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Allow me to relentlessly plug my own app again:


Damn you. Now I have to go sacrifice more of my non-existent free time to design a mantis shrimp icon.

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Haha. I appreciate that - no rush though.

The ugly little octopus is kinda established by now, and there’s not much development going on with ThemeColour at the moment.

Too much technical debt in my clobbered-together first ever QML app.

I had never heard of the mantis shrimp. Had to check which led to this: File:Odontodactylus scyllarus eyes.jpg - Wikipedia

Subtle differences between original and current ambience.

I’ve purposely spaced each file to highlight those differences:

From ambience-aloe (Jolla one ambience)

    "translationCatalog"        : "ambience-aloe",
    "displayName"               : "ambience-aloe-name",
    "wallpaper"                 : "aloe.png",
    "highlightColor"            : "#50ffe0",
    "secondaryHighlightColor"   : "#bde6cc",
    "primaryColor"              : "#FFFFFF",
    "secondaryColor"            : "#FFFFFF99",
    "favorite"			        : true,

    "ringerVolume"              : 70,    
    "ringerToneFile"            : { "file": "aloe-ringtone.mp3", "enabled": 1 },
    "messageToneFile"           : { "file": "aloe-message.mp3",  "enabled": 1 },
    "mailToneFile"              : { "file": "aloe-email.mp3",    "enabled": 1 },
    "internetCallToneFile"      : { "file": "aloe-im.mp3",       "enabled": 1 },
    "chatToneFile"              : { "file": "aloe-im.mp3",       "enabled": 1 },
    "calendarToneFile"          : { "file": "aloe-calendar.mp3", "enabled": 1 },
    "clockAlarmToneFile"        : { "file": "aloe-clock.mp3",    "enabled": 1 },

From fire.ambience (sailfish 4.0 ambience)
    "translationCatalog"        : "ambience-fire",
    "displayName"               : "ambience-fire",
    "wallpaper"                 : "ambience_fire.jpg",
    "highlightColor"            : "#FFFFB681",
    "secondaryHighlightColor"   : "#FFC58C63",
    "primaryColor"              : "#FFFFFFFF",
    "secondaryColor"            : "#FFBABABA",
    "favorite"                  : true,

    "colorScheme"               : "lightondark",
    "timestamp"                 : "2021-01-25T00:00:02",
    "version"                   : 3


Coloscheme and Version(?) were introduced with light/dark ambiences, and one of the 4.x releases removed preconfigured volume and sound stuff.

Interestingly, it did actually honour the sounds.

It will if it’s defined in the JSON, yes.

But the standard ambiences don’t have them any more.