Alternative to NewPipe

I use a lot NewPipe to listen to music in the background, but I’d like to reduce my dependency to Android App Support.

There is Music Explorer, but I have to download first.

An other option woulb be to compile a YouTube client developped for KDE, but which one?

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What about microtube? It’s a native app, and you can use it to listen to music in the background.

Native apps
Listen to music streams:
…> 40 k streaming channels world wide

Listen to your music files:
QuasarMX Pro
best native music player (free / paid available )
…plethora of functionalities


Microtube, it’s a bit slow on my 10, but can play videos in the background and download them too.

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If I don’t want to think about it (mostly long car drives) I also use AllRadio.

I don’t like YT’s algorithms, so I’m not likely to personally use it as a radio.

But professionally, I sometimes wish I could do this.

There’s a lightweight youtube-frontend called youtube-local which I use on my server (not locally). So I can open it in SF browser. I can choose audio only streams from there. However it stops playing shortly after the display goes to sleep. Since audio players are capable of overriding this, I’m hopeful I will evtl. figure it out, too. Any hints are welcome.


Invidious is also an option. It’s a lightweight frontend that is responsive in the Sailfish browser and offers an audio only mode. For me it keeps playing when the display goes to sleep.
I selfhost my own instance but there’s also plenty of public instances to choose from.

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Sounds like the same bug I have sometimes when I listen to the radio with browser. You just need to press on the lock button again and the sounds come immediately back once the screen is on.

@flypig could you create a new topic once I filled the bug report, please?


Here it is.

If that were fixed it should be possible to use the mentioned YT frontends for continuous play.

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I think the behaviour with the browser is intentional (if I recall correctly there’s code added specifically to pause video when the browser goes into the background). However I agree there are definitely situations where it would be more useful if it continued playing.

Thanks for posting the bug report @ohnonot

Could you be a little more specific about what you need from me? I’m happy to help however I can of course.

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I remembered that audio playback also stops when opening a new foreground tab,which ties in with this:

On my desktop Firefox this is not the case at all.

Is the SFOS audio system designed to play on even when the screen goes off, per se? In that case it would do to remove that code or make it configurable. Or maybe it already is configurable?

Related, is it possible to configure webview-based apps accordingly?

Please, continues this topic to another one.

Um sorry what? Two people are considering how to solve the problem you stated in your OP:

and you’re asking them to go away?

Absolutely not! I’m just trying to keep answers on topic. As this comment could well be a new topic. I hope you didn’t take it personally.

Thanks for the tip about Music Explorer, good to hear it offers or even requires (?) download.

Mobile Streaming and not somehow hitting severe limitations is a 201x pipedream IMO.
NewPipe developers seem to understand this very well. The great thing is the download option and several format options.
Streaming is only useful for “life” sports games or critical news/weather reporting.

Act like Google: get all the data on your local storage drive while you still can and move from there!

You’re right. One cool option would be for Music Explorer, for example, to act like a streaming application and let the user listen without waiting for the file to download completely.

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