[all languages] Lower Prince's Quarter located in St Maarten (Dutch part)?

Even countries change name.

On 19 April 2018, King Mswati III announced that the Kingdom of Swaziland had renamed itself the Kingdom of Eswatini

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Never heard of Eswatini.
Let\s l10n it!

After looking on that database, my understanding is that it has nothing to do with official names for time zones, but rather placements of territories for timezones. In this context UK English or US English or some other English variations in different countries might identify these places by their own localized names, just the same as it applies to other languages.

The pharasing in this does not sound like a rule, but rather as a guideline, because tz does not have any authority in these matters and if US or UK or even Netherlands will decide on their own official namings of timezones, then they will have precedence over IANA. Not to mention, that they have full authority to decide what timezone to use. But frankly none of the folks from US or Europe(except for some government officials from Netherlands) will know that there exists specific Sint Marteen time zone, but will use their own name for this time zone, which is not even considered in tz format.

As a user I would be very confused if I would not be able to find Philipsburg as a capital for Sint Maarten timezone, like it is with other places. Not that I ever will visit that place… weeell, maybe I might - because of this… and all of this lot would spoil my vacation with ideas what is right or smth.

Well, here you go:

# This file is by no means authoritative; if you think you know better,
# go ahead and edit the file (and please send any changes to
# tz@iana.org for general use in the future).  For more, please see
# the file CONTRIBUTING in the tz distribution.

My wild guess is that this is mainly used for Linux level setup and at best can be seen as rather user-hostile machine level oriented ID database for those time zone territories. Sailfish OS at any time can have another layer over this. Localization is just one of such layer and that also impacts English as much as other languages.

I’ve heard about it when they changed it and my very first thought was that they are doing this because they want to go completelly digital and use eMail and other eStuff an be advanced and cool unlike rest of the people who does not want to be eAdvanced.