Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in Vanha Rauma 4.4.0

  1. it is “enabled” all the time
  2. it is supposed to only activate when an Emergency number is dialled, and the (mobile) network supports it
  3. users have no say in it. It is triggered by services running at the other end of the emergeny call. In fact the spec explicitly forbids users being in control in any way and even any records of anything happening at all:

Also amusing: open admission that abuse is likely, and it’s mitigated by security-through-obscurity.

Another spec:

Lol. Yeah. As opposed to wherever it is sent.

Now on the plus side, note the wording “when making an emergency call”/" when they are trying to get help". It is not explicitly forbidden to expose the functionality in other situations. Also:

So if I read that correctly, it would not be in violation of the spec (albeit in violation of its intention) to provide a switch to the user to always send that “positioning failed” message.


Will AML work even though I have positioning turned off in SFOS settings?

According to wiki it turns on gps and wifi, collects/computes/sends and disables them again


Yes, in fact that is it’s main/only function. It turns on Wifi and location services, collects the data and sends it off in an invisible SMS message.

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So goodbye to the new version of SFOS, I stay at 4.3, I don’t need Big Brother’s supervision of my life!


Heh, no.

AML gives about (this varies by country) 20 seconds after an emergency call has been made to determine location, then it sends whatever it has, or “no data” SMS. As usually XA2 need more than 20s to get a GPS fix, location data submitted will not include that.
It will however still include other things like cell location, WIFI networks etc.

Should be enough to compile ofono without these kind of commits:


Thanks for the tip, but that’s not the way for me.
For me, a feature that sends sensitive data from my phone without my knowledge is critical. Who can guarantee that this “force majeure” decision will not be used to track people, including me?

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Name your alternative. A Dect with Lambda-1 Antenna and staying near home? :wink:

Ha Ha!!! What position data (from GPS) will the Sailfish phone >immediately< send to somewhere, if a position fix by GPS needs at least 5-10 minutes under good/best conditions and mostly completely fails under poor conditions??
On the other hand, a distance detection out of the time delay of the radio waves and a cross bearing from two towers always can be made as long the phone is connected to the network.


One coercion after another from the statists, on top of a mountain of already existing coercions, regulations, theft. The total infantilisation of society. Deciding for me what is best for my phone, hell, even my body. My body, their choice.

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Question: Does adding this “SendDataMessage” api call on the dbus make this AML / whatever first aid system-as-a-spoof-service “visible” to the user?
Theroretically, the user could send a message with a simple shell script, no?
So does adding an API function, that is user-accessible, actually conflict with the RFC?
Considering this is an EU-wide standard “requirement”, how does android handle it?

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I am very happy that AML was implemented and can transmit my location if I call the emergency services. I was just about to request this great feature! :slight_smile:
Of course I would be okay with an option to disable it. But personally I would never do so. Once you have a real emergency and very urgently need someone to help, you will be very thankful for the feature. If you don’t call emergency, it won’t affect you.


Read more about cell phones and their second, invisible operating system that you cant control. Then come back and complain about SFOS. :slight_smile: Or just deal with the fact that a cell phone isnt private. Period.

Afair one of the libre cell phone projects had something like warrant canary, “if the invisible os makes some weird stuff, notice the visible one”. Not sure whats the status of this right now.


Not sure if org.sailfishos.aml should be active all the time or only when making an emergency call, would need a faraday cage to test it without breaking some laws


But isn’t there already an emergency button in 4.3?
What was behind this button till now, actually?

Thanks for this. So at least monitoring dbus would tell me whether it’s active or not.

Now, how is ‘Emergency’ determined? Is there a list of phone numbers, or is it more involved than that?


hardcoded, read fom SIM and provided by network:


In EU it’s 112 (in US both 112 and 911)

Yeah but we have country specific ones in Europe too. Austria has at least three additional ones for police/firefighters/ambulance for example.

This looks like an exhaustive list, whether all trigger aml, no idea: List of emergency telephone numbers - Wikipedia

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