Adapted kernel sources for Sailfish (esp. XA2) devices, where to download


I was trying to compile some module on device (XA2, and got quite far but insmoding the module fails as kernel is 4.4.189 and latest sources I could find are 4.4.163 ( which do not match.

I am aware of this TJC thread

as well as the
extracted kernel-adaptation-sony-nile-2a7e6eb260868bf0dc0afbfda9a0aed700950d2f

And also the

where I do fail to find 4.4.189 (adapted for Sailfish on XA2)

I do not get this here completely

and do not want to adapt and compile a kernel completely.

But just get the source/build directory.

Does Jolla do not provide this anymore or is it buried somewhere else?
Maybe here:

But here is only 4.4.0 (not 189)

A bit lost and inexperienced :wink:
Does someone has a hint for me?


So. Really no one?  

@HengYeDev posted some work for a Sailfish adaptation on x86_64 architecture. Maybe he’s got some insights or can point you to another porter who might be able to help ?

edit: @Thaodan could have some pointers as well, if he can find the time

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All steps necessary to download and build kernel sources are listed in these guides respectively for each Android base:

All kernels for these ports are in these git repository:

I also have builds instructions written by me here (private):