Access disk of device not starting properly

I was experimenting with multiple users on my device and switched to guest user. When switching back to defaultuser I couldn’t start jolla-settings from the desktop any more. When starting from terminal I got warnings about couldn’t create manager and that the db was locked. I was thinking that the switch back had missed something, so I switched back to guest and than back to defaultuser, but this time I got the “ahoy!” page and later “Starting, please wait”.
After nothing happened I decided to reboot the phone and I got the same “Ahoy!” page and “…please wait”.
Now, is there a way to access the data on the phone, before re-flashing it?

I am afraid you became victim of:

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Ah, didn’t have the time to write a bug report. Was going to do that this weekend, when I have more time to experiment with reproducing the issue. I guess I would have found the report(s) you’re linking to then. Thank you for providing the links for me.

Though I cannot find any proper answer to the question on how to access any data on the device before re-flashing it in those threads. I saw @dcaliste mention recovery mode, so I guess I have to experiment a bit with that.

If there is any data left (which may not be the case unfortunately), you can boot (via fastboot) the recovery image, and mount your SFOS filesystems in there to have a look around.

You didn’t say what your device is, so be sure to follow the correct link on the top of this page:

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Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for (but couldn’t find), even though I searched zendesk. I guess I used the wrong keywords, or the article wasn’t tagged with proper keywords. :slight_smile: