[4.3.0][4.2.0][4.1.0] German Provider o2-de+ not recognized properly on SIM-Cards

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2, XA2 PLUS, X10, X10 II
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


German Provider o2-de+ (Old Provider ID: 262-07, New Provider ID: 262-03) is not recognized properly in the SIM-Card Names / Descriptions

All German o2 / o2-de / o2-de+ SIM-Cards with the Provider-ID 262-03 and 262-07 should be recognized as o2-de+.



  1. Insert o2 / o2-de+ SIM-Card
  2. Settings → SIM-Cards → SIM-Card 1 or SIM-Card 2
  3. Look for the Provider Name under the SIM-Card 1 or SIM-Card 2


Settings → SIM-Cards → SIM-Card 1 (o2-de+)


Settings → SIM-Cards → SIM-Card 1 (Unknown)


can confirm this for my xperia10ii (dualsim) with o2-simcard. (Problem also existed before with version 4.2; Never had that problem on my XperiaXCompact)

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I have the same problem with o2 but from 3.4 on. The Sim settings always show ‘Uknown’ but the Cellular network settings, under the option ‘Select network automatically’ do show: ‘Network o2 - de+’

Vollaphone and GS290.

Exact. The Bug is as old, as Dual-SIM Models are supported, since SF 2.x or so.

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I do have this too.

But how old are your SIM cards?
According to wikipedia

O2 should not use 07 anymore as MNC but 03.
The 03 we all can see when selecting network manually (1-Telecom, 2-Mannesmann :wink: , 3-O2)

My SIMs has been exchanged just lately (last year or the one before :wink: because of LTE connectivity ) and my IMSI lists 07 as well!

So maybe this is rather a mistake / lazyness of O2 than Sailfish using latest info?
(but it would be nice of Jolla to accept MNC 07 as 03).


Yes @peterleinchen you are absolutely right. My AIDA64 Screen shows the same.

Network Operator Code: 26203
SIM Provider Code: 26207

Please Jolla, accept MNC 07 as 03!

@peterleinchen BTW: I have 2x o2 SIM-Cards.
SIM1 is approx. 3 years old, shows as o2-de+
SIM2 is approx. 1 year old, shows as o2-de

For me it would be also interesting which file(s) contains all provider ids under SailfishOS?

I’d like to confirm that Android 9 didn’t show a provider ID either, so this doesn’t seen to be a Sailfish OS related issue.
Recently I bought a O2 Loop SIM, before opening a XA2 dual (H4113), and did follow the install guide, which emphasizes not to skip connectivity tests on the stock Android setup.
“” was shown on android.
While CarrierService app successfully installed modem config for telefonicaVoLTE.tar (similar naming semantically) - just as side note related to the discussion about the need for new hardware… XA2 with latest+last Sony Android 9 seems to support VoLTE for quiet some time (similar modem-tar updates noted on Telekom and Vodafone too)!


I have often asked myself what happens under Android when you have inserted a new SIM card and then the message appears when you start it for the first time: “Your phone will now be restarted and optimized for your provider”.
What happens with SFOS if you change the SIM card?
Is there something similar like that?
You can’t always go back to Android when changing SIM cards so that the firmware for the modem, which may be dependent on the provider, is loaded.

well, on my phone (xperia x10ii) the problem occured right after a fresh install of Sailfish OS 4.2. Before, i have tested Sim-Card-Functionality and everything else and had all updates done under Android. So, in my opinion, this problem can not only be explained with missing updates for modems, it has to do with the way Sailfish is dealing with Sim-cards on Dual-Sim-Phones.

yesterday the same issue occurred to me, my sim just didnt work anymore out of nowhere.
(using an xperia x compact)
my cards history is kinda weird:

  1. it was bought as an eplus card
  2. eplus got acquired by telefonica, so we had to change to o2
  3. now our isp is o2 but the card is from eplus and the apn also shows up as eplus
  4. but, as it was described over here, when i get to the screen to put in my sim pin it shows “unknown” and i just cant get any cellular and i cant use it as phone too

Greetings, CvWild

Edit: tried it later today and it just worked again… Idk what exactly it was then but now it works as normal

This seems to work for me (Xperia 10ii, 4.3).
I have no idea where to get Aida64?

Update: According to Aida64 for Android, both the network operator code and the sim card provider code are 26203 for me.

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Thats why your SIM-Card show o2-de+. My cards show two different numbers (262-03 & 262-07)

hey y’all

i just set up my freshly bought xperia 10 II and everything works fine so far, with the same SIM as above, turns out, it was just the SIM Slot being physically damaged…

I want to push a little bit attention to this bug, since it is still not solved on
Its a very simple cosmetic bug and i think it can be solved very easy.

Network ID and SIM Provider code 262-03 and 262-07 should be both recognized as o2-de. This is the case on all Prepaid o2-de+ Cards.

I get an absolutely new SIM-Card from o2 and it is also recognized as “Unknown”, because
Network ID and SIM-Provider code are different. On o2-de Contract SIM-Cards they have the same number (262-03) and are recognized properly.

Please @Jolla, fix it please, in the coming releases! (or maybe you can just tell where to fix, so we can fix it manually.


In the Jolla Store. :roll_eyes:

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Added to internal bugzilla

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