[][] EA Sailfish Browser does not open HTTPS with non-standard port

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100% (check on two phones)
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2+ 6/64
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes ( on previous release all it work normal)

DESCRIPTION: Cant open in browser https links with non standart port, like


it show page, like this


  1. just open any https with non standart port


should open https with non standart port, on other browsers works normal (FF on Android, or Angelfish Flatpak)


os on screnshot :point_up_2:

And now in browser not work:

  1. cant playing music from VK.com
  2. cant open homeassistant WebUI

So strange browser update, somne features now works great ( like entering phone number in web forms now work properly), bot some not work more…


I add some names to hosts, like roundcube, rainloop, syncthing and some other for opening some pages at local network without direct IP ( and nginx check name too, and not open by direct ip ), and now, when i write rainloop, browser try open something like http://www.rainloop.com, but not http://rainloop/ … it little bit annoying :crying_cat_face:

P.S. some features on 4.0.1 looks and work great, really great update ! ( Android games now not freezing as before, sound works good )


Oh no! :frowning:
Please not. Could hold me me again from upgrading.

About domain names from /etc/hosts

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Did not see your edit.
But I think your post above refers to this here (not yet filed as a separate bug):

Unfortunately not solved in!

Has this been filed internally?

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@peterleinchen: I could not find it in a quick search.

==> Filed now.


Thanks for filing.

How can we assure that those bugs really get noticed? I am sure there is no quick fix and we will have to wait at least another 3 months now…

And there is not yet a tag for 4.1.0.

First of all, I’m quite sure the bug report is invalid. I just checked, and I could open web pages with non standard ports just fine with the browser, even on 4.0.1. Could you provide an example on a website which really does not work, but works on e.g. desktop browser?

The link in this bug report does not open even on desktop firefox, because no such webserver exists (mypage.mydomain.sfos).

Second of all, there is a tag for 4.1.0. It has been there for several months already. You just need to write the initial “4” before it becomes visible. Discourse does not list all possible tags in the drop down, only those which have been used most.

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I think this bug is a duplicate of Browser URL with ‘:’ suffix fails as invalid where we found out that the root cause is a misleading error page on a certificate validation problem (i.e. a self signed certificate). Test URLs are provided in this thread.


Yes, exactly.
Sorry I searched for it but could not find it.

So please refer to

maybe close this here then?

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regarding the tag:

I typed it fully in the box and got

then I typed only ‘4’ and got

only then I remembered to swipe down the overlaying keyboard and got

So it is really there but ‘hides’ itself quite nice away :wink:

I have a very similar issue on my home network.
I have a Odroid board running Nextcloud (Pi), and trying to access either the normal Web GUI or the Pi thingy on :4443 gives the error that the address isn’t valid.

So absence of TLD also triggers it?

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yeah, Browser URL with ‘:’ suffix fails as invalid, looks like this is same bug