[] Lost contacts after update

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): ?
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


Updated OS, People app just has random 21 contacts left form previous 190. restored backup. Same result.





All contacts remain…


Contact information lost


Additionally, sync from Google account does not work, so I can not restore phone book…

well, this sucks…hny!

If I understand the release notes correctly resyncing is the key. So your main issue is Google.
I do not use google but once your log in works you should be able to restore your contacts.

i did saw 2 or 3 reports on that topic.

try to search the forum.

here is one:

@Edgarsrutkis or anyone: Have you got your contacts back? Did you notice this in the release notes: " This 4.0.1 update will remove your synced contacts - please re-sync your accounts to get them back! Also, restart your phone to see them in Phone > People."

Sailfish backup does not save any synced contacts in it - only the local contacts on the phone storage are included in the backup. Therefore, Google contacts cannot be found from backups.

@jovirkku Yes, eventually I got my contacts back. After numerous restarts google account randomly started to work and synced back from cloud. I am not developer level user, so usually I do not read release notes. If update is available, I let it happen. Unfortunately procedure was not as straight forward as described in release notes. It took some time, before google account synced. In fact all my accounts took some time to start working.
And there is another bug: Sailfish OS constantly tells me that my google and mail accounts are not signed in although they are in fact working normally.
Until this update I have not encountered Sailfish bugs that are more than an annoyance, this time devs changed something too seriously… :smiley: no offence… ok, maybe a little…

The same thing has happened to me. Seemingly random contacts left of the list I had.

But I have never synced any contacts at all. The backups all.vcf has all my contacts, but the import fails. The ALL.vcf file went straight into my backup and testing iPhone, with all contacts.

This is Sailfish on a Sony XA2.

The reason for this is kinda simple.

Some time ago, there was a change from storing or accepting import of the contacts in the People database with an integer as UID to a UIDv4, which is what DAV seems to require.


This seems to have been done without migrating the existing people to the new UID. The backup stores the UID as whatever it is, but when you try to import it fails with no error message about why.

But this is not all of it. UIDv4 has been stored in two manners:


The first is also not kept during the upgrade, but the latter is.

The TEL line differs aswell.


Trying to fix one of the contacts in the vcf-file to be like the ones kept does not work either which hints at vcf import not working at all.

So, two bugs here:

Older People-entries was not migrated into new UIDs and the phone number storage was not changed either.

VCF-import does not work. This is basically the conclusion since i cannot make it work whatever I do with a single VCARD.

@thomasez can you send an email to chris dot adams at jolla dot com with a .vcf which fails to import so that I can investigate further? Thanks!

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I have the same situation, have never synced any contacts.
Is there any update to this issue? I’d like to upgrade to, but this chance of losing
contacts in process is holding me back…

Just to let you know, I have never synced contacts with any cloud service or the like, and the upgrade ( → went smoothly and all contacts were there after upgrade. Device: Sony Xperia XA2 dual SIM .
One thing regarding contacts: after upgrade, every record had 1 line inserted: X-GENDER:Unspecified