[] How to add (not just link) a new telephone number from the call-log to an existing contact?

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When trying to add a new telephone number from the call-log (i.e. the call history) to an existing contact, I do a long click on the telephone number and the context menue appears. In the context menue, I can choose “create a contact” and in the next sub-menue I have the choice to create a “Link to contact”. Thereafter, the new telephone number is listed under the contact BUT when editing the contact I am asked which contact I want to edit, the older, already existing contact (without the new telephone number) or the “new”, linked contact only being the new telephone number. Apparently, the new telephone number was not added to the existing contact but a new contact was created that only is linked to the old contact instead of becoming a part of the existing contact (as expected).


yet unkown telephone number in the call log


  1. open call log of the telephone app
  2. select a telephone number that shall be merged to an existing contact
  3. long click the telephone number to open the context menue
  4. select “save as contact”
  5. next sub-menue: “link to contact” or “new contact”, select “link to contact”
  6. look up the contact with the added telephone number, from pull down menue select “edit”: you will be asked which contact to edit


the new telephone number is becoming a part of the existing contact (merged to the existing contact), instead of creating a new contact that only is linked to the existing contact

In other words: instead of “link to contact” I would expect the option “add to contact”


New contacts are created insted of adding the telephone number to the existing contact


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