[] WhatsApp starts only once

I’m using my “old” xperia X while a new update…

No change with WhatsApp It still crashes on splash screen.

Actually, I’ll split the issue; I’ll get another SIM card to use in another phone until this gets fixed. I’ll dig my trusty old Xperia X from the closet and use it first to test the bug with it, and downgrade to SFOS 3.4 if I must. Stay tuned…

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I’m new to this forum and wanted to use Sailfish OS as my daily driver but - exactly the same problem as you. Sony Xperia X10, Sailfish, Whatsapp versions:,, no MicroG - it is not the XA2.

First Start: Fine.
Close it once, no second start possible.
Re-registration, loss of all messages, not possible to import backup (0kb) that was manually done before following.

Aside from the fact that Nextcloud worked only partially (sync Contacts+Calendar, nothing else) in a second attempt (after deleting the first account with exactly the same settings) this leaves me angry about myself as I disobeyed the golden rule of avoiding .0 releases…

Unluckily, I am not a programmer, so thanks for your insight guys.

(Can we somehow add the X10 to the bug report?)

Thanks for the info - and sorry that the bug hits you, too… I’ll update the bug report.

It could be something related to Android support level, but then again, I’d have thought more X10 owners had already found this… Either the bug doesn’t hit every user, or WhatsApp is not at all that common :thinking:

Edit: I don’t seem to be able to edit the first post anymore, so this will have to do…

WhatsApp updated to and still the same…

And here on with latest (same) WA everything working…

ome thing I’ve found with some Android apps is that downgrading the app sometimes fixes it, (code added to newer versions causes new ceashes). This is even the case on native Android sometimes, (e.g. GMaps). Maybe try going to Apkmirror, and download a version from 6 months ago, and try it…

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Hmm … I have an XA2 with SFOS newly flashed (i.e. not upgraded from SFOS 3) and Whatsapp works fine for me all the time. Its also the latest version of Whatsapp in a long line of new versions (they seem to release an updated version of the app almost every week) that have been installed on SFOS 4. never had a problem with any of them.

Only difference I can see is that I have vanilla android, no MicroG installed or anything else special.

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I doubt this is related to microG, as I have microG installed and I’ve never had any issues with starting WhatsApp. Well, it might be related to some specific settings in microG, but at least just having microG installed doesn’t cause WhatsApp to not start.

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Thanks for the additional info, everyone.

It looks like that a freshly-flashed (try saying that fast three times) SFOS does not suffer from the issue, but an SFOS 3.4 > SFOS 4.0 does suffer from it. So, I’m making backups (again) and flashing my phone straight to 4.0 to see if it helps… Fingers crossed, everyone!

freshly-flashed, fastly-flushed, fishly-thrashed … Oh damn!

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Different symptom for me on Koli - Whatsapp asked to update client and I downloaded it via the Browser. I think Whatsapp client may not work after a while if you don’t keep it up to date, but I’m not sure about this. Anyway, clicking on APK resulted in a short message at top of screen but no installation occurred. Older Whatsapp client still working OK. Deleted old client altogether and re-ran installation which again gave no visible indication that it was installing, except that this time it did install. It seems to be running fine so far.