2nd thoughts about future of sailfish os

At the community meeting i said that i think that the gui should be open sourced to make maintaining sfos easier, but i have second thoughts about that. Now i think it’s more important that sfos is based on mainline kernel. I think that would make upgrading apis and libraries easier. And the nice part is, we have mainline kernels for sony devices supported by jolla. If i understood marijn correctly and if it’s his real name. He was at the community meeting too and pointed us to his github repo. This is the link for xperia 10 series: GitHub - SoMainline/linux at marijn/longbois-next would like to know what your thoughts are about maintaining sfos in a human resource friendly manner. I think at the current stage we need people inside jolla or from our community to mirror upgrades and i think that is effort wasted, that could be spent on doing something new instead.

Is this mainline kernel used in the any of the phones Jolla is testing currently?

I don’t know, but i don’t think so

This talk at Fosdem 2024 is also interesting & relevant:
Held by an Linaro employee about which functionality of Qualcomm SoCs is already supported by mainline Linux.

In contrast to that, the “SoMainline” GitHub repository covers the additional patches needed to support the peripherial components (PMIC, display, camera etc.) used on a couple of mobile phones, among them a few Sony Xperias.

While the Fosdem talk is impressive, the “SoMainline” repository shows well, that SoC support is the largest, but not the only hardware support necessary.

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thanks i didn’t get into this talk, because there were so many people