Xperia XA2 dual sim H4113 for sale (Finland)

I have Xperia XA2 purchased 7/2019 for sale if anybody’s interested.
Two flaws:

  • selfie camera does not work
  • SD card slide’s handle is broken a bit, so to remove SD card you need tweezers to pull it out
    Otherwise in totally perfect working order. Screen is near scratch-free. No screen guard attached.

Battery is in good condition and lasts according to usage couple of days I would say.
Battery was replaced with a new one 8/2021 in Sony service.

Two simple phone cases follow (both used).

Freshly flashed clean installation of version

I would prefer to sell to Finland. And more hesitant I’m to sell outside EU.
The reasons are high postage costs and customs. I don’t have time to investigate how customs and all that hassle work. If buyer outside of Finland or EU wants to buy and is willing to investigate on him/herself, so I might think of selling.

Price: offer :slight_smile:
Contact: Telegram,Signal, email…

You can contact me in Finnish, Swedish or English.