Xperia X to Xperia 10

Can I make a backup on my Xperia X and reload all on Xperia 10? I guess I have to reinstall all the apps dont I?

Thanks for all answers so far.

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I have enough for now.

There was a thread on TJC about that.
Use Storeman to backup apps installed from OpenRepos.
Most OS settings are backuped in OS backup.
You can always backup your home directory, just to copy apps settings to the new phone.


There’s also My Data Transfer on openrepos which supposedly helps in this endeavour.


Apologies for interrupting your thread and going off-topic but is your Xperia 10 an I3113 or I4113? Although camera functioned upon my I3113 running Android 10 & when downgraded to Android 9, I could not get it to function correctly using Sailfish OS with either default camera app or Piggz Advanced Camera.

Hi, it is (only) the I3113. Did not want to pay too much - I try not to pay much over €200 for a phone.

The camera works just fine so far, both the default and the advanced one.

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Thanks, I´ll try to backup the Home Dir, or at least the parts I deem necessary.

If you want to preserve userdata of your SF Apps you can backup nemo/.local/share to copy back what you need after installing your favourite apps on the new handset.
Not a sophisticated way, but it worked for me when switching to a new phone. That procedure might be obsolete when using the right tools - which I didn’t dare to rely on.

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Storeman has an integrated functionality for this, just as add. info.
Write down what you have installed from Jolla Store.

Not the settings themselves, or?
Just the data of accounts and pics and messages and so on…
Be prepared to create your mail accounts anew (bug!).

Yes, manual (and knowing) is the way to go…