Xperia X Bricked after

Deleted Phonebook, Defender, System Data Scope, Alien Dalvik control
Upgraded using sfos-upgrade

All good. Storeman seemed to work.
Developer mode is still active

Re-installed Alien Dalvik Control which appeared successful
Re-installed Phonebook … caused screen to blackout

Shutdown via button --> Goodbye
Start via bitton --> PIN screen followed by screen blackout

Not a good result.

I thought I could try login via ssh from my Mac (and we are out at the edge of my skillset here).

ssh nemo@sailfish
ssh: Could not resolve hostname sailfish: nodename nor servname provided, or not known


Couldn’t see how to edit my post …

The device is running.

Pushing the main button causes the screen to wake (goes dark grey) and occasionally I seem to get an “Unlock Screen first” message on the top line.

A screen capture key sequence works and picture apparently saved

Restarted. Quickly entered the Pin.
Notification from Patcher about reinstalling patches which is an sfos-upgrade feature.

Dark Grey screen … culprit found?

So how to get ssh to connect?

I bit the bullet and re-flashed. This is the first reflash since I got SFOS.

1: I still have no idea how to SSH into the Xperia from a Mac (OSX 15.x)
2: The “blank screen problem” appears to be associated with Patch Manager patches. (new post)

You won’t be able to SSH into the phone unless you:

A) have given the phone a fixed IP address via DHCP server (this is normally your home modem) AND have edited the /etc/hosts file in your mac to include that address;


B) If you are able to operate the phone again (it is not clear from your last post), find out the local IP address associated with your phone by tapping ->Settings ->Developer tools -> Developer mode -> Enable remote connection. It will then show you your numeric IP address. It will normally be on the range Then you can ssh into that address: ssh . Or, if you only want to transfer files back and forth, scp nemo@… . Hope this helps :wink:

Had same problem with Phonehook!
The solution was to uninstall Phonehook by keeping the icon for 1s, and tap the cross.
Quite tight timing, a few secs for unlock the phone, locate and uninstall Phonehook, to get out of the black screen problem.
As soon, as Phonehook get uninstalled, the Screen goes back to operational state, and it was the only problem with the Upgrade!

I had already uninstalled the known problematic apps. But not the couple of patches I had. As I used sfos_upgrade script to do the upgrade, the patches were uninstalled and reinstalled as part of that script.

I just posted on the changelog announcement that I got the problem again with Battery Overlay.

I had already tried B). I have since reflashed and double checked that the correct settings are in place.

ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

I’m not a *nix guy really, so that’s where it ends. I do seem to recall I had this working before,

On Rokua and Win7/Putty at least, I never get a successful SSH connection until after the phone is re-booted with Developer Mode already set (might call it a brute force ‘solution’.) From (Win):

If the connection attempt fails, disconnect the phone from the PC. Restart the phone (consider restarting the PC, too). Try again.


edit: also don’t forget (as I do) to both enable SSH in Developer tools and choose Developer Mode connection when connecting USB cable (I note your IP setting is for USB not Wifi)

I just tried now with the wifi and it worked just fine. I usually only use ssh when I am on a wired connection.

nemo@’s password:
Last login: Sat Oct 3 00:55:48 2020 from
| Sailfish OS (Pallas-Yllästunturi)

A reboot and attempted connection to the usb ip still times out.

It’s not really critical for me, more of an annoyance really.

Thanks for your input