Xperia Tama port: release

I have just made a repository for release. The release is available via OTA only and has had very limited testing.


Updating went smoothhhh. Nothing weird other than a connman message about a missing technology.
If something feels wrong i’ll report it on github.


I got my XZ2 Compact (this also Tama i guess) yesterday on Moday and perform THEN a zypper update stuff successfully from that to actual

Thanks for this wonderful Port, it runs very well on my Device.

One more question:
OTA-Update always with that sypper update-procedure or will also work with the “search for updates in the preferences of SailfishOS”?

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Yes, you have to use zypper / version update route on ported non-official devices.

Thank you! Updating went smooth. All works good. Just problem with Waydroid. It does not work. Stucks on Waiting for android ui. There is still no solution for Sailfish?

There was recently Waydroid thread in the forum. Check that out - you just have to use older Waydroid images to make it work on SFOS.

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I had to systemctl enable waydroid-container to get that to work again after a recent Waydroid update. This seemed unrelated to the upgrade to SFOS, at least here

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