Xperia Tama port: release

This is to announce SFOS update for Xperia Tama devices: XZ2, XZ2c, and XZ3. Please read release notes and description below before update.

In addition to, has been released as OTA release only. It is suggested to update through release. This suggestion is based on the official devices policy and I cannot add much to it. It is possible that direct update to would work just fine, but you may take larger risk in that case.

At the moment of writing (10 Apr 2022) only OTA has had a limited testing. So, early adopters, please report how it went. If someone preferred to flash the image, please report as well. For those wishing to be on the safer side, wait till more users would have a chance to test the release.


Other than those

[77 %] [Install] ofono 1.28+git3.1-1.12.1.jolla: [22 %][W] unknown:0 - QConnmanEngine: Deferring a cellular service configuration because ofonoNetwork is unavailable
[W] unknown:0 - QConnmanEngine: Unable to translate the bearer type of the unknown network technology: ""

[80 %] [Install] sailfish-aml 1.0.2+git1-1.1.1.jolla: [100 %][W] unknown:0 - QConnmanEngine: Unable to translate the bearer type of the unknown network technology: ""

messages the update process went as expected. Updated first to and then to

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I think we had the same messages last time. We could probably just ignore them

I updated with no problem and it repaired my sd card and the fake(?) partitions left after I made a mess of the last update. Great work again Rinigus.

I just clean-flashed 4.4 from latest official Android 10, and no problems. So far, so good… I have had a few instances where it seemed like touch sensitivity was a bit dull, but no confidence at this point - maybe just missed the spot or something; I’ll keep monitoring.

Updated my XZ2C too. All well so far. Good to have a pretty functional browser. Also, I think the camera works in the first try more often now. Used to take more than one launches earlier, some times. Had to add the Sailjail ignore line to certain apps like FileBrowser for full functionality.

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What’s the line? I haven’t been able to find it. …

Had to add this in the desktop file of applications like OwnKeePass for it to be able to access non-standard locations.



We should patch those. ownKeepass is maintained in Chum - feel free to submit PR at

There should be no need to disable sandboxing for ownKeepass. At least for me it works just fine in a sandbox, as long as the database is located in an allowed directory, e.g. ~/Documents.

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My database and key files are else where, as I like it, and it syncs across devices, again as I like it. OwnKeepass doesn’t see it for that reason. I do not think everyone keeps those in ~/Documents anyway.

@rinigus - Waydroid has new v1.2.1 on Github. Any way to update?
(Not sure what the changes are; maybe no reason…)
edit - looks like just some changes to ‘Debian’ files… Maybe n/a)

You have to open an issue at Sailfish Waydroid packaging project. That’s a best way to get attention to it.

XZ3 update went smoothly and all well so far!

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Out of curiosity are the new camera options (grayscale sepia etc) supposed to work?

I don’t see any settings for anything like that. …

On the bottom of the camera UI.

Nope - nothing there.
There is an effects menu in Advanced Camera, but doesn’t seem to work…

^On my xz2c if I press the flash icon I can see a filter icon below the timers column and a cogwheel on the bottom right - which does nothing. Also the Focus icon shows only auto. I wasn’t able to take a screenshot in camera mode.

I think the cogwheel is Settings reset